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Microsoft And Lionhead Announce Fable Legends At GamesCom 2013

Microsoft and Lionhead Studios have revealed Fable Legends, an Unreal Engine 4 powered co-op RPG for Xbox One that includes Smartglass integration. Sounds pretty cool from just that! The announcement came as part of the Xbox Showcase at GamesCom 2013.

Fable Legends is set to take place in an online world in a four-player co-op adventure. Players can try and tackle the game alone with 3 A.I buddies helping, or you can team up and create a four-man team of death and destruction. The trailers have so far shown four characters, and you also have the option of playing as a fifth character – the villain! The villain acts as a dungeon master, setting traps, monsters and ambushes and Lionhead have announced that the villian can use the Smartglass function to allow heroes and villains to co-op at the same time. At the moment it sounds a little like Dungeonland. You can have a look at the trailer below:

Lionhead have also said that missions will take approximately 30 minutes to complete, and between these missions you’ll return to the town of Brightlodge – the game’s main hub. I can hear you’re asking how the game fits in with the other Fable games: Fable Legends is set 400 years BEFORE the original Fable game, during the series’ Age of Heroes.

Currently there is no release date, but since it’s being made with Unreal Engine 4 you can probably expect it will take a while. I’d say a 2014 release date so far (don’t quote me on that though, it’s my own personal rough guess!) Also Fable Legends is exclusive to the Xbox One, so perhaps it’s another reason to buy the new Microsoft console? We’ll keep you updated as more details are announced.