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EA Announces New Heroes of Dragon Age Mobile Game

In a recent Eurogamer article, EA has announced that a new free-to-play mobile Dragon Age title is currently in development.

The also upcoming Dragon Age game titled Heroes of Dragon Age, will be mainly focused on combat and will allow players to build parties consisting of both monsters and heroes (some being random inclusions or paid for members/parties).

Heroes of DA1 Heroes of DA

Cameo appearances from some of the series main characters and villains are suspected to be included in the game since the title will span Dragon Age lore.

The game will be developed by mobile game developers EA Capital Games, who were formerly Bioware Sacramento and Kicknation.

Heroes of Dragon Age , will be released later this fall and will be available to be purchased in the App Store and Google Play.

EA have also released a new gameplay trailer which you can check out down below.

(Source: Eurogamer)