Divination in RuneScape

Divination Makes Its Debut As The 26th Skill In Runescape

Divination has now been added to RuneScape, making it the first new skill to be added to the game in over 3 years! Divination centers on players collecting residual energy and memories of Guthix, the slain god of balance. This harvested energy can be used to create never-before-seen consumables known as portents and signs, which in turn grant a huge variety of boosts and benefits. In addition to this, Divination allows players to transmute low-value resources into smaller amounts of high-level resources, which is a huge trade-up!

Why has Divination been added now, I hear you ask? Jagex is aiming to combine a classic gathering mechanic with more modern social and dynamic gameplay, giving you an experience unlike anything previously in the game. There are 99 levels of Divination for you skillists to Master, alongside a new hiscores table, and a unique skillcape with a design chosen by the RuneScape community.

This new skill is available in full to members, but has a 5 level free trial for free players. If you try it and you love it then you’ll need to be a member to fully use it, which has a whole lot of perks in itself. Divination is a direct companion to an unannounced production skill set to be released later this year, so keep looking out for more goodies on the way! If you’re interested in becoming a Master in Divination, then you need to know how to get started. Luckily the RuneScape website has a page with specific instructions on how to get started in Divination, so make sure you check that out first. To get you started on your way, you need to be looking for Orla Fairweather in a camp between Lumbridge and Draynor Village, and she’ll give you a rundown of the new skill.

Something to note: at the bottom of the Divination page it does advise that you “will not be able to gain bonus or lamp XP in the Divination skill until several weeks have passed since the release,” so make sure to keep an eye out on the site for that announcement. Is Divination a good new skill to add to the roster? Or did RuneScape not need a 26th skill?