Rumored PlayStation Vita Redesign On the Way

It looks like Sony‘s little struggling handheld, the PlayStation Vita, may receive a physical makeover for better performance and to entice gamers.

Translated by The Magic Box, the Japanese newspaper Tokyo Keizai reported that Sony will reveal a new PS Vita model on the heels of the Tokyo Game Show in September. Dubbed the PCH-2000. the new PS Vita model will increase its screen size to 6.3 inches, while staying at the same 960 x 554 pixels resolution from the previous model. The RAM will also be increased from the previous 512MB to 1GB, allowing the new PS Vita to run more programs in the background. Lastly, the new PS Vita will share a similar design to the PlayStation 4 and will supposedly launch with new game titles. If all this information is true, it would explain why stores like Target and Best Buy are suspiciously selling the current PS Vita model at a reduced $199 price.

Previous rumors concerning the PS Vita were reports of the handheld being bundled with the PS4 at a retail price similar to the Xbox One’s. However, when VG24/7  asked various retailers about the PS Vita/PS4 bundle rumor, many were uninformed of such a deal or believed heavily against it.