Never Stop Shutting Up – A Book of Advice Review: Never Stop Being Awesome

It was a late night of perusing the front page of Reddit that originally introduced me to the comedy of Mike Falzone.  Known primarily for his walk and talk videos, Falzone does his best to tell it like it like it is.  Paired with irrepressible good humor, Mike recently decided to take his humor and advice for life to the printed page.  And while I know I didn’t ask for his advice, I needed something out of the norm for my growing book collection.

A slender volume of less than a hundred pages, Never Stop Shutting Up: A Book of Advice and Other Things You Didn’t Ask For is authored by the up-and-coming YouTuber Mike Falzone. With a sense of humor that can leave anyone in stitches and a direct and open approach to his views on life, love, and everything in-between, Falzone’s book offers something refreshing to the world of literature as well as comedy.

Beginning with a self-help essay on how to deal with being freshly broken up with, Falzone’s handle on his dealing with heartache is pragmatic as well as honest . ‘Well, this situation sucks, but you’re gonna keep living and being awesome anyway. This is how’, is the best description that comes to mind. His step-by-step guide tells the reader that it’s alright to take some time to be upset, but in the long run don’t let it bog you down. You are now freer than you could have imagined – you are free to meet the love of your life.
Mixed in with personal anecdotes and amusing asides, like what are the best and worst ideas to do with glitter, Never Stop Shutting Up engages the reader in the funniest, most educational conversation they will ever have with a book.  Falzone writes the way he speaks, and while this might trip up other authors, it only adds a tone of authenticity and real personality to his narrative.  In a piece titled ‘The Universe Doesn’t Owe You Anything’, Mike explains that all that anyone is ever really owed is the chance to explain themselves after doing something extremely dumb, but that is where its debt ends.

“Now, get this through your head: Just because you feel as though you are ready to settle down, the universe is not obligated to hand you a future.  “Here is your mate, go forth and procreate… Make ‘em cute,” says the universe.  This doesn’t happen”(67).

Whether you need a day-brightener or a wakeup call, Falzone’s book delivers on all fronts. Thought-provoking and nothing short of outrageously funny, Never Stop Shutting Up is a must-have addition to any reader’s bookshelf.

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