Pokemon The Origin

Tokyo Pokémon Game Show Reveals Pocket Monsters: The Origin and Potential Wii U Pokémon Game?

A new Pokémon anime will be debuting later on this year after it’s official announcement trailer was revealed during yesterday’s Tokyo Pokémon Game Show.

The new Pokémon anime, titled Pocket Monsters: The Origin, will take a new spin on the series and will veer in a total different direction than the original 1997  Indigo Pokémon series.

Pocket Monsters: The Origin will be set in the original Kanto region and will feature a new protagonist, as well as a new starter Pokémon, which Pikachu will be replaced by Charmander.

The Pocket Monsters: The Origin trailer starts off exactly how the original first generation Game Boy game Pokémon Red started with Professor Oak handing the protagonist his Pokédex before his first Pokémon is issued to him. This suggests that the storyline maybe in synced with the original generation one game’s storyline.

The trailer goes on to show an intense gym battle between Brock and the Protagonist, which sees the protagonists Charmander in a bit of a struggle against the rock hard Geodude. This will surely bring back Game Boy memories of why it was crucial to train your Pokémon off in the Viridian Forest before traveling to Pewter City to take on Brock, particularly if you chose Charmander because you only had two attacks in growl and scratch, which was pathetically ineffective against rock types. There is also a scene in the trailer that shows Charmander using scratch before receiving Geodude’s rock hard body to the face.

Also a short segment of the first generation Pokémon League champion Lance (Dragon type Pokémon Trainer) is seen giving inspiration to the main protagonist before ending the trailer with the protagonists rival’s (who looks a lot like Gary, but may have another designated name). The rival has a Blastoise shooting a Hydro Pump from its water cannons, so it’s obviously clear which starter Pokémon he will choose. The trailer then completely ends with the protagonist and his Charizard having a bonding moment as they swim around each other.

Pocket Monsters: The Origin is set to be released on October 2nd, 2013 on TV Tokyo at 7pm.

However, the announcement of Pocket Monsters: The Origin wasn’t the only eye catcher of the show. There may be a new Pokémon Wii U title in the works, perhaps in the form of a new Pokémon: Colosseum/Battle Revolution game. A short teaser of a potential Wii U title was shown at the end of a Pokémon X and Y promotion trailer, which saw a street battle between Mega Lucario and Mega Blaziken. It’s highly doubtful that this is a 3DS title as the graphics are more defined for Wii U, but there’s a chance it could also be a promotional CGI for X and Y.

You can watch the promotional Pokémon X and Y trailer and decide for yourself.

(Source: Nintendolife)