Guild Wars 2 Breaks Record Sales as Fastest Selling MMORPG

Guild Wars 2 has gone down in history as developers ArenaNet announce it’s the fastest selling MMO in Europe and North America.

The company’s market research team DFC Intelligence said the game  has made over three million dollars in territorial sales within its first nine month release.

While the game is yet to release in China, marketing analyst from DFC Intelligence David Cole is hopeful its eventual release will exceed Western sales.

“It’s clear that Guild Wars 2 is the fastest-selling Western MMO of all time …,” David said.

“This puts Guild Wars 2 in an impressive position when they release in China, where we’ve seen similar franchises really take off”.


To bring the highly praised MMO to China, ArenaNet has partnered with Chinese entertainment service provider KongZhong Corporation.

In celebration of the multi-award winning MMO’s one year anniversary and upcoming China release, ArenaNet is offering gamers with an eye for tight budgeting a chance to trial Guild Wars 2 next weekend.

Players can  register and create an account now to prepare for it’s free weekend starting at 8:00 EST on Friday the 23rd of August and finishing at 7:59 BST Monday the 26th.

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