Guacamelee on PC vs. PlayStation 3: Which Version Should You Buy?

Recently, Drink Box Studios made it possible for players to don their luchador masks and play the highly acclaimed metroidvania game Guacamelee on Steam. With all new features tied specifically to the PC release, there’s a fair amount of incentive for people to jump in on the madness and take out the evil Carlos Calaca and all of his minions.

But what are the main differences between the Steam and PlayStation 3 versions? And even more, if you’re one of the lucky gamers who happen to have both platforms, which system is the best for Guacamelee?

Steam’s all-new Gold Edition comes packing several new features that will assuredly draw in the more PC-savvy crowd. The game retains its same fantastic and bold cartoon art style, tight platforming mechanics, and all the backtracking goodness seen in classic Metroidvania games. Plus, it looks brilliant on a good machine and won’t demand a ton of TLC from your system’s hardware. I do recommend using a controller or game pad, however, as the keyboard controls feel awkward and will take you a fair amount of time to get used to.

Beyond the core game itself, Gold Edition also offers a new level expansion called “El Inferno”, which puts players up to challenges and rewards them with new costumes for both Juan and Tostada. And for those who love themselves some new costumes, visit the Steam Workshop page to download custom skins for Juan made and contributed by the Guacamelee community. If you’re into creation and animation itself, there’s also a tutorial that shows you how to create and share your own costumes with the other players on Steam.

Guacamelee on Steam also offers new achievements and rewards you with Trading Cards to add to your collection, so completionists and achievement whores alike should have a great time earning everything the game has to offer.

But what about on the PlayStation 3?

The nature of the PlayStation 3 infrastructure doesn’t allow for player creation options, but it does give you the core game on a console, with all the great mechanics and humor intact.

Probably the best feature of the game on the PlayStation 3 is the cross platform functionality is has with the Vita. Cross saves, cross buy, really cross everything has been worked out to allow you to have the game with you, both on the go and on your couch.

The game suits the Vita very well, being that it’s a straightforward title that fits the system’s controls and integrates with the platform in a smooth way. Plus, Guacamelee is a great game to play in short bursts, and thus makes a strong case for being played on a handheld device. Really, the answer to which version is better comes down to your own personal needs. Are you a hardcore PC gamer who loves platformers and interacting with the modding community? Gold Edition on Steam might be for you. But if you’re someone who loves playing the Vita and want a game you can pick up and play while on your commute, the original release on the PlayStation platforms is probably more your speed. Either way, Guacamelee is a great game, and whichever version you choose is guaranteed to be a good one.