Attack on Titan Special: Picture Drama 1 is Great, Bite-Sized Fun for Fans (Video)

The menacing atmosphere and overtly serious feel of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) takes its toll on the series sometimes, and refreshing comical elements are often a welcome break from all the bleak and glum brooding over the nearly undefeatable Titans. The nearly seven minute long Attack on Titan Special: Picture Drama 1 (Monster Character Theater: Fly! Trainee Corps) is just the breath of fresh air fans of the series need while waiting for the next episode.


In all of 2 short skits, 6 minutes and 45 seconds, the colorful sketch of everyday life in the Trainee Corp for Eren, Armin, and Mikasa is exceptionally funny for fans of the series who’ll instantly know the running themes associated with them. Its subtle approach that creates running gags out of the underlying traits of the three main characters makes for excellently humorous situations. The two situations explore two major running themes of the show.


The first story highlights the unique relationship between Eren and Mikasa as well as everyone’s assumptions about them (as well as Mikasa and Eren’s stances on the matter). Mikasa’s stoic manner contrasts brilliantly for her feelings for Eren and Eren’s offhand denial of any romantic inclinations in their relationship – despite everyone else’s views on the issue – make for a lovely little skit that works well with the three characters. The second story uses a more absurdly comical basis to highlight the interactions between the three main characters, aptly using their defining characteristics to comical effect.

Both stories also show the three characters in their usual demeanors – replete with reactions driven by personal motivations and emotions (or lack thereof) based on the situations which they repeatedly find themselves in many times over – right down to the timing of Titan atatcks.


Attack on Titan Special: Picture Drama 1 reserves most of its effective comical delivery for true fans of the series who’ve witnessed the three characters’ traits and their situations firsthand, episode after episode. It’s a fun, lighthearted, self-critical parody that stands in stark contrast to the actual series’ surreal, gloomy, and ruthless vibes. If more Picture Dramas are to come, I certainly hope the creators can keep up their performance. Shorts like these are what balance out some of the issues that viewers might have over Attack on Titan – from the borderline annoying character quirks to the repetition of themes and reactions throughout the series.


In fact, I wouldn’t mind watching a full episode’s worth of this sort of material. It’s certainly an interesting way to use the elements of the show to deliver entertainment in the opposite direction of the actual series. I would welcome it as replacement for recap episodes that buy time for the events of the manga to distance themselves from the events in the TV show.


Take a look for yourself. It’s worth wasting about seven minutes of your life if you’re a Shingeki no Kyojin fan:

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