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Techland Births New 12-Minute Dying Light footage

Developer Techland released a new and lengthy piece of gameplay footage for their newest zombie survival game, Dying Light.  Initially described as a combination of Dead Island and Mirror’s Edge, the twelve minute gameplay reel took the time to display both a good amount of lush scenery and brutal gameplay.  Sunlight filters through the tropical palm trees, the dark seas roil at the edge of the city where it meets the harbor.  From the first, you are struck again by the leap in technology that will be possible when we transition to the next generation of consoles, though it is nothing a member of the PC master race hasn’t seen already.

There is a mini plot that the video follows that, while I don’t feel entirely right spoiling, seems like it will be the central focus of the gameplay when Dying Light actually is released.  So I’ll just skirt around that small particular to get into the mechanics shown:

  • Combat is similar to Techland’s Dead Island, replete with localized dismemberment and blood coated weapons.
  • The parkour elements that drew comparisons to Mirror’s Edge seem smooth as silk.  Of particular interest is the ability to bounce off of a zombie’s head like Mario to gain more height.
  • Certain side missions can pop up while on the hunt for air-dropped supplies that you can choose to pursue.  Whether or not you do will have an effect, such as being too late to claim the supplies.
  • We get an idea of why the “dying light” is such a bad thing; when night falls, the zombies level up from simple, shambling horrors whose greatest threat lie in their numbers to fleet-footed, bisecting-mouthed monstrosities that leap from the shadows like a bat out of Hell.
  • Zombies aren’t the only threat as gun-toting humans can attest.
  • Special types of zombies are making an appearance in Dying Light.  The pillar-armed brute that tossed cars like pieces of litter is our first look at what we can only assume is a laundry list of specialized über-zombies.
  • Without a hint towards whether Dying Light will have an overarching story to connect one loot pick up to the next, the daylight hunt for seems reminiscent of the recently released title State of Decay with its sandbox emphasis on resource collection.

The video waits below for your watching pleasure.  I do wish the video had made it obvious which system it was running on though as it seems to have a finger in every pie.  Dying Light will be coming to both current and next generation consoles as well as PC in 2014.

video courtesy of IGN.com

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