Shadow of the Eternals Mega-Stream Features Denis Dyack, Game Giveaway and Live Q&A This Saturday

As we inch ever closer to the all important and congested holiday season of video games, we’d like to take this moment to remind you that there’s some titles out there that are in need of some love. Therefore, this Saturday Leviathyn presents to the people a live, mega-stream of Precursor Games’ Shadow of the Eternals. Looking to climb a seemingly perilous mountain to become fully funded, creator Denis Dyack and his talented staff have agreed to jump into this stream to show the world why you need to care. This could be your only chance to help fund the spiritual successor to the GameCube’s marvelous Eternal Darkness, so don’t miss it! Oh, and did we mention they’re giving away $50 reward tiers for the game?

There’s been quite a bit of controversy surrounding Shadow of the Eternals, what with fake campaigns and unjustified finger-pointing. Regardless, this is a brand new studio with a vision to bring the world an impossible treat; the true spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness. Mr. Dyack will be showcasing the game along with answering all manner of questions from you, the viewer! They need heavy support to make this insane dream a reality so show up, ask questions and aid in Precursor’s cause!

The mega-stream will take place Saturday, August 17th at exactly 12pm PDT (3pm EDT) on our lovely Twitch TV channel. Of course, you can also watch the stream here!

Shadow of the Eternals is an extremely ambitious title with world-class talent behind it. Come support the cause and who knows? Maybe you’ll be selected by Mr. Dyack himself to receive a free $50 reward tier for the actual game! Also, expect a few guest appearances from successful indie developers!

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