Kick-Ass 2 Review: Beaten to Death

Kick-Ass is in Kick-Ass 2  for an all-new adventure. The city is now overrun with makeshift superheroes after being inspired by Kick-Ass. Ordinary life has gotten boring for Dave Lizewski (played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and he is itching to get back into his costume. He forges a partnership with old ally Hit Girl (played by Chloë Grace Moretz). She agrees to train him so that he’ll finally be a suitable fighter.

However, during this partnership, Hit Girl’s stepfather, Marcus (played by Morris Chestnut), forbids her from ever donning the Hit Girl costume ever again because that’s what her father would have wanted. She agrees and tries to live a normal life.

It just seems this storyline was already settled in first film and after years of being out of costume, you would think she would already have adjustment issues. Instead her storyline of her trying to fit in just feels unnecessary. But this really the most enjoyable part of the movie so at least it’s there for the laughs.

This leaves Kick-Ass to look for a new set of friends. There is an array of characters, including Colonel Stars and Stripes (played by Jim Carrey),  that all share why they got into the superhero game and unfortunately that’s about all the character development we get. Each character is unique but they merely become background characters that never become fleshed out.


The superhero group starts out strong as they take down thugs and sex traffickers, while feeling like they are making a difference in the city. But while this is going on The Mother Fucker (played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse), formally known as Red Mist, is plotting his revenge against Kick-Ass. He is now a super-villain and is gathering up low lives to start own team.

I’ve always thought the fatal flaw in the first film was that Kick-Ass was a spectator in his own movie. When Hit Girl and Big Daddy were killing rooms full of thugs, Kick-Ass would just be amazed the whole time and barely fought. Even in the end, Kick-Ass doesn’t fight the main villain and only delivers the final blow.

This film was no exception. I was hoping Kick-Ass would finally be the one in control. He has his origin story out of the way so maybe this time we will see how he has evolved. But no, he gets beaten up in the first 10 minutes by a couple of robbers. It isn’t until much later in the film he decides to get serious.


It still delivers on some fight scenes but there are almost no laughs and it doesn’t match the original and how stylized it was. The main problem is that this film doesn’t know what it wants to be.

It does try to glorify the violence and you think this will be a fun mayhem ride because that’s the big selling point. But on the other hand, they critique the characters for doing such actions.There is one scene in particular where they try to turn rape into a joke. It seemed more offensive than it was comical.


I will say though that Moretz delivers another strong performance as Hit Girl and she is the highlight of the movie. It would, at this point, be a better idea to have a spinoff movie. The actress and the character are both strong enough to carry it. Plus she practically steals every scene she is in anyways.

There are cheap thrills to be had but I wouldn’t get your hopes up for sure. This is just another case of the sequel not living up to the original. It does try though, but it tries too hard. . There’s a lot to be said when the main character wears a shirt that says “I HATE REBOOTS”.

The first film pointed out the clichés in most superhero movies and Kick-Ass 2 instead uses those clichés, which makes for a stale story.

Kick-Ass 2 is stale and not nearly as fun as the original. It will leave you wondering why it became so serious.

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Summary : Kick-Ass 2 is not the same tone as the original and not nearly as fun.

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