Righteous Kill 2 Review: Great Interface, Repetitive Backtracking

G5 Games’ latest hidden object police investigation game Righteous Kill 2: Revenge of the Poet Killer is the sequel to Righteous Kill. And like Righteous Kill, you play Erica Dean as she searches for a murderer who has a tendency to leave taunting poems at each crime scene. You will guide Erica as she searches for clues and evidence at crime scenes, report to the crime lab to do forensic tests on such items, and return to the crime scenes to pick up the pieces of evidences she probably should have picked up the first time that she was there. And picking up anything out of place that isn’t nailed to the ground is a common tactic of point & click adventure games anyway.

While real world criminal investigations may require repeat visits to crime scenes, visiting the same locations to the hunt for ancillary hidden objects to find the one relevant item to the story repetitively makes Righteous Kill 2 feel tedious at times as it pads out its nearly 40 levels. The cut-scenes develop the story, but the still photos during such scenes make the game feel like it was produced on a budget.

While the frequent backtracking and budget feel of the cutscenes are major nitpicks, Righteous Kill 2’s core hidden object gameplay has some cool elements that I’d like to see in more hidden object games. To avoid confusion and simply waiting for the hint button to activate, I can click on each item on the hidden object list to see a silhouette. So if I’m looking for a fan, I can tell if I’m looking for an electric fan, a paper fan, or an obsessed fan. Devoting the left side of the screen for the menu and inventory interface instead of having it overlap the bottom of the screen keeps the game from getting cluttered and I don’t end up accidentally activating a clue or other buttons when I’m simply trying to zoom in or find an object the bottom area. The forensic mini games were pretty fun albeit easy.

In the end, Righteous Kill 2: Revenge of the Poet Killer is an exercise of observation and patience in getting through the story and frequent backtracking. If you are determined, you’ll be rewarded with the twists, turns, and plot development of a good murder mystery. Just be prepared to check and check things again.


Righteous Kill 2: Revenge of the Poet Killer is available both on the iPad ($6.99) and the iPhone ($4.99).

The core of a police investigation hidden object game is a keen sense of observation and lots of backtracking.

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Review Score - 7


Summary : Beneath its repetitive gameplay lies a good story with an excellent hidden object game interface in Righteous Kill 2: Revenge of the Poet Killer.

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