Grand Theft Auto Online Trailer First-Look: Blends Cinematic Singleplayer With Dynamic Multiplayer

The newest gameplay trailer for Grand Theft Auto V has released: here is Grand Theft Auto Online.

The most fascinating thing Rockstar appear to have done with this new, fully-fledged multiplayer mode is to structure Grand Theft Auto Online  as a singleplayer experience.

We are shown in the trailer that your player-made character flies in to Los Santos as a new arrival, and that they meet characters and do missions similarly to Grand Theft Auto V’s singleplayer mode. This could be your own Role-Playing Grand Theft Auto Game. But throw in a persistent world full of other players, and all the activities and freedoms granted with the game’s singleplayer mode, and it looks like this dynamic experience could be incredible:

In the video we see:

  • People racing in biplanes and cars
  • Players banding together in “Crews”, as seen in Max Payne 3, to gain money and reputation from jobs (crimes).
  • Real estate and garages being purchased, to customize or store vehicles.
  • The Television service still in operation in the Grand Theft Auto Online
  • Characters being customised fully, with unlockable clothing and style options
  • Female characters
  • The internet being used to buy a jet plane
  • A level creator, allowing players to design their own races
  • A mission where players parachute on top of a bad-guy base, firing Uzi shots as they float down
  • An air strike from a jet-plane
  • And my personal favourite- a crew of players driving motorbikes off a mountain and sky-diving into a valley

Good, God. What an amount of content.

Strangely, Grand Theft Auto Online doesn’t open up until October 1st. The full Grand Theft Auto V game will have been out for several weeks before the online portion is playable.

I’m not sure how Rockstar are going to stagger it, or why. Perhaps Grand Theft Auto Online needs more work, or it needs more server support? Perhaps they need to gauge the server demand before rolling out the online portion?

Regardless, it look f***ing amazing.