5 Ways I’ve Been Spoiled in Gaming

I’m afforded a lot of luxuries as a gamer. Maybe a few too many–but I’m not going to bite the hand that feeds me. Nevertheless, I’m awfully spoiled, as I discovered when I played a few new games I bought during the Steam Summer Sale. And then I started thinking again.

1. Auto-Saving. Don’t get me wrong. Auto-save is awesome, particularly when something unforeseen happens, like the power goes out. Unfortunately, I’m so used to my game auto-saving my rear that when one doesn’t, I get angry. For example, I recently began playing The Last Remnant. I know, I know, I’m late to the party, but what can I say? It was on sale this summer. Now, I’m about, say, 69 minutes into this game, and still on the first loop of the learning curve. I get squashed—and guess what? My auto-save option isn’t turned on, so I have to revert back to a save file three cut-scenes ago. Rage, right? Ten years ago, I saved my games obsessively. Every five minutes. Every time I left the computer for a potty-break. Every time I beat an encounter. Sometimes just because I had forgotten when the last time I saved was.

2. Kick-Ass Graphics. Oh shiny, shiny graphics, your colors make my eyes melt and my vision fade. May I compare thee to a summer’s day? Er—maybe not. There is part of me that hates playing older games. I keep this part tucked away deep in a shed in my back yard, but occasionally it sneaks out and prevents me from playing amazing games because “they look terrible.” I pretty much have to remind myself of the first time I picked up a Game-Boy Color. I looked at my older brother and said: “look at the colors!” Seriously, Pokémon Gold and New Bark Town blew my ten-year-old mind. And now I can’t bring myself to play Fallout, because it looks so crappy on my computer? Shame. Shame and dishonor on my cow.

My eyes nearly burst into flame when I got my first glimpse.

My eyes nearly burst into flame when I got my first glimpse.

3. Snack-Time. Remember the days when you had to get off the couch, pause the game and pick up the land-line to order yourself some pizza during a time of serious game-munchies? Well, I never did because of poor-college-student reasons,  I ate a bowl of Cheerios instead, but heck, that Xbox 360 app has tempted me a few times. Maybe the next app will be one to check my blood-sugar or heart rate. An Xbox defibrillator? “XBox, call 911!”

4. Choices and Customization. Boy, I love my choices and customization. I live to spend three hours finding the absolutely perfect shade of hair for my Nord in Skyrim. The perfect nose shape in conjunction with lip-plumpness. The right boob size—oh you get it. And God-forbid I can’t find the right voice, or I’m only given a couple of options. I mean, seriously.  I just about leaped out of my chair and danced a jig when I found out we were finally getting some sort of customization in Pokémon X and Y. I was as happy as the day Pokémon Crystal came out and I could play as a girl.

5. Availability and Price. No longer do I have to go to the game store and get gouged. Or Blockbuster to rent the game I want and realize, hey, it’s not in stock.  When I’m interested in a new game, I simply pause my current game, go to Amazon and pre-order it. The day it comes out, the game is on my porch and I can play it.Wait in line at midnight? The game stores wish. I’ll be snuggled up in my bed, dreaming dreams of destruction and mayhem.  And should the price go down before it comes out? Hey, I get the lower price. I also have the option of buying from Steam, for my PC games. Too poor to buy the game now? Wait for a sale. Bam! 75% off. Life is good.

When I think about all the ways I’ve been spoiled by my gaming experience nowadays, I realize I don’t have a lot to complain about, though I always do anyways. I mean seriously, I just hope I live to see the next few generations of gaming. “Granny-gamer smashes her grandchildren in competition, performs victory-screech.” I like the sound of that.