Under the Radar: Tangiers – This Time You’re the Slenderman

Kickstarter is more and more becoming the spawning pool for many independent developers.  They crawl out from the shadows and offer up their first-born (games) and ask for approval.  When you think about deeply about it, it is sometimes a very personal experience that takes place between the developers and their audience as they push their brain-child out on to the stage of the world.  Sometimes, it’s a beautiful thing to see.  And other times, it’s vaguely terrifying and  largely unsettling, as is the case with Tangiers, the recently funded game by the two-man (and friends) team Andalusian.

Inspired by surreal, 20th century avant-garde art and the stealthy gameplay of Thief, Tangiers stars an outsider.  You play as a foreign being to the dimension he’s traveling across with a deadly mission: he has five targets that he’s decided shouldn’t be alive anymore.  The design goal sets out scenarios where you are placed in the environment and has to decide for him or herself how to proceed to the target.  Guards patrol streets painted in various levels of desaturation or grayscale, travelling between the shadows and chalky pools of streetlight.  Gameplay affords the option of ghosting behind guards, as per hardcore stealth tradition, avoiding contact entirely or leaving a noticeable trail of bodies as proof of your passing.

[box type=”shadow” align=”alignright” ]“Tangiers”
Developed by: Andalusian
Platforms: PC
Genre: Stealth-Exploration Sandbox
Release Date: mid-2014[/box]

However, you might want to limit how many patrolmen you conk over the head as  make your way towards your main target because the world you are traveling through is crumbling around you.  And, remember, you are not from this world, a fact which manifests itself in a deteriorating fabric of reality that increasingly fractures the more you interact with the environment.  Or Andalusian says much better: “Your play ‘cuts up’ the world, which rebuilds itself in response to your impact, attempting to fix the error of your existence.  As you travel through the sandbox-style environments of Tangiers, your inevitable mistakes will become embedded in future areas, creating a game that, subtly or not so subtly, is unique to you.”


You play a silent assassin, a watchful protagonist. A dark killer.

The Kickstarter ended on the 13th of August after successfully being funded ahead of schedule, though the extra funding was not enough to reach some of the more interesting stretch goals.  They run a development blog at http://tangiersgame.com/ as well as Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/TangiersGame), Twitter (https://twitter.com/Tangiers_Game), and Youtube pages where you can follow progress of this interesting game until its eventual release.

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