This Denis Dyack Interview Explains Why Shadow of the Eternals Should Be On Your Radar

Polarizing or not, Denis Dyack is a man who has crafted many wondrous things; we’re talking about the man who brought you Eternal Darkness and the ever impressive Legacy of Kain series, to name a few. For one reason or another, the internet has taken a blind-focus on the man’s past and with that somehow have overlooked his new project at hand, Shadow of the Eternals. To shed more light on the spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness, Mr. Dyack sits down with us and discusses his future plans, the meaning of working directly with Precursor Games’ fans and why he needs your help this time around.


Just in case you haven’t seen the Kickstarter yet, travel to it and give em’ a pledge. There’s still quite a bit of work to do, but with multiple streams coming up, there’s more than enough time to get your questions and concerns answered.

Upcoming Events
Tomorrow at 2pm EST, Shadow of the Eternals will be put on display via Precursor’s channel, so make sure you’re checking the updates! As for us, we have a MEGA-STREAM this Saturday at 3pm EST (12pm PST). We’ll be playing a demo of Shadow of the Eternals, talking with Mr. Dyack and his crew and, of course, interacting with YOU! We don’t need to tell you what happens to those who don’t show up…