The Xbox One80: Are Microsoft’s Changes Helping Or Hurting?

It seems that every week Microsoft gives people another reason to chant the nickname of Xbox One80. With all of these policy and design changes, it’s extremely hard to grasp the overall opinion of the Xbox One. It’s obvious that the original incarnation of the system did not go over well with gamers. However, Micrsoft stuck to its guns.

During and immediately after E3 2013 Microsoft did everything possible to defend their decisions. Even the official website for the Xbox One stated very clearly what was up with the radical decisions. Major Nelson made it very clear to everyone that you couldn’t just “flip a switch” and change things, either. Microsoft was determined to make the Xbox One the first step in a new direction for gaming and nothing was going to change that.

Or so it seemed…

Honestly, it didn’t take long for the forums, websites, polls, and pre-order information to begin rolling in for everyone to see how lop-sided the early next gen battle was. Sony was soaring off the positive press it got from E3 and each time an executive from the company had something to say it contained another great piece of information pertaining to the PS4.

Microsoft was in a bad way before they even got the console rolling off to the stores. Many thought they’d stick to their decisions and do their best to persuade gamers into believing in the new direction they had mapped out. However, that mentality didn’t last as Microsoft soon gave into the pressure and made a startling announcement.




From that day forward, many of the Xbox One’s designs and policies began to change. In fact, most of them had complete 180-degree changes which helped spawn the nickname of Xbox One80. Let’s take a quick look at what features are no long in the Xbox One since its unveiling:

  • Always-on Online DRM
  • Disc-based “CD Key” DRM
  • 24-Hour Online Check DRM
  • Kinect must be attached
  • Strict Indie publishing policies
  • Family game sharing

Microsoft was doing what they thought was best for business. Many gamers who were pleading for Microsoft to do those changes then began to mock the company. There was even a petition calling for the return of the strict DRM policies which was flooded with comments roasting Microsoft.

It seems like Microsoft just can’t win. However, do they truly deserve to? Is the constant hate on the Xbox One justified? Are these “Xbox One80” changes helping or hurting the console?

To be honest, it is way too hard to hell. The internet seems very blah on the entire situation. On one hand you have a very vocal portion of gamers screaming at Microsoft about the Xbox One80 changes and how they alienated gamers and can’t win them back. Then you have the portion that jumped on the Sony train due to the amount of great press they had at E3 2013 and aren’t turning back. Then you have, what seems to be, the minority which supports the Xbox One but gets upset whenever Microsoft does another change.

Even through all of these changes, it just seems like Microsoft can’t win. They lost a ton of support in the past three months which has given Sony the obvious edge in the pre-retail stage of the next gen war.

Even with today’s announcement that the Xbox One will work without the Kinect 2 attached, the gaming audience just seems so torn on it. There’s no one voice celebrating the change. There are tons of voices crying different types of reactions ranging from insulting, supporting, and a bunch of “too little, too late”.

I find it interesting that there is no clear cut response to the Xbox One. While most gamers are excited about the PS4, I can’t tell if the new Xbox will do well or not. Pre-orders have been well enough but the sentiment towards Microsoft and their Xbox One80 changes just seems so radical amongst gamers.

So now I turn to you, the gamers and the readers. Have Microsoft’s Xbox One80 changes done anything to sway you towards a purchase? Do you even care? Answer in our poll below and help me figure out if the Xbox One is headed in a better direction with gamers.


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  1. mario

    It has help Microsoft and hurt Sony fans …..Anybody that you see on the internet are sony fans crying an speaking for xbox fans….i’m buying both systems yes but i’ll find myself plasying xbox one more because of there games and i dont just mean exclusives … big on online games like NBA 2K or Call of duty….and everybody knows xbox live is where the real comp is…I’ll play street fighter on sony online everyday cause theres better comp on Playstation when it comes to street fighter….

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