How To “Cook” Blue Rock Candy In Time For “Breaking Bad.”

It’s no joke that some people want to take their fandom to new heights and new levels, but rarely does a TV Show or Video Game have a crucial plot element that can be prepared in 20 minutes or less. In this article, I’m going to explain how to “cook” crystal blue rock candy in celebration of the “Breaking Bad” premiere tonight. All you’ll need is some Granulated Sugar, Corn Syrup, and Blue Food Coloring.

A video form of this recipe can be found HERE.

When I made it, I had room for improvement. A LOT of room. My first draft ended similarly to when, in Season One of “Breaking Bad,” Jesse decided to melt Emilio’s body in the bathtub, and the blood and guts went everywhere. Only in my case, the blood and guts were melted plastic and burned sugar/corn syrup.

With my second draft, it turned out a lot better. Here’s how it looks now:

988678_10200780176200141_507936406_nFirst and Foremost, you’ll need a little bit of room to move around. I did it in a small kitchen, but the more room you can give yourself, the better. Find yourself a microwave safe cup or bowl (not plastic or glass. I learned this the hard way), and pour some of the sugar into it. Don’t overload on the sugar, but pour enough where the end result will be sweet.

Then, pour in some of the corn syrup, and begin to mix the contents together. Make sure they’re mixed thoroughly, if it looks like it’s clumping together, then you’re doing it right. When it’s all mixed together, wrap the contents up in plastic-wrap and microwave the container for 3 minutes. After the initial 3 minutes, take the container out of the microwave and take off the wrap. It should be bubbling at this point. Good. Re-wrap it with NEW plastic-wrap and pop it in the microwave for another 3 minutes. I checked on it every so often, chalk it up to paranoia because of the last time I tried it.

When that three minutes is over, you’ll want to take it out of the microwave as fast as you can, unwrap the plastic wrap, and drop a few drops of blue food coloring into the mix. It will sizzle as you mix the blue in. This is good. Hurry up now, and pour it onto a cookie sheet, or some kind of flat surfaced area that can be placed into the refrigerator. Preferably, pour it into the shape of a rectangle so that it’s easy to crack in a little bit, after it’s cooled.

Then, you play the waiting game. Let it cool for around 15-20 minutes from the time you put it into the refrigerator. Then, once you’ve noticed that it has hardened up, take the blunt end of a knife, or some other hard tool, and begin cracking it into a million pieces. Place it in baggies, or whatever you want to do with it, and there you have it! You now have a nice, NON-LETHAL, snack for tonight’s premiere, or any other Sunday night for the next eight weeks! Enjoy!