Dishonored’s Final DLC “The Brigmore Witches” Out Today

Arkane Studios’ critically acclaimed and commercially successful title Dishonored has seen a fair amount of DLC since its release. However, today marks the final DLC for the game, “The Brigmore Witches.” Players will once again take control of Daud, one of the main antagonists behind Dishonored’s main campaign. Daud has been the main focus of Dishonored’s DLC offerings, and for good reason. The trailer for today’s DLC features more of Dishonored’s unique art style, and its mix of stealth and action gameplay. Any abilities you have gained with Daud in the previous DLC will carry over to this campaign, creating even more of a connection between the player and Daud. It is safe to say that if you enjoyed Dishonored’s main campaign and any of the DLC that came after it, you will most likely find something to love in “The Brigmore Witches.”

Dishonored blew people away with its dark world and addicting stealth gameplay, a genre that one could argue has been revitalized by Dishonored. The game gave players a lot of choice concerning how to go about completing missions and slaying enemies, or whether or not you slay any enemies at all; it was possible to get through the main campaign without killing a single NPC. Dishonored’s DLC have also met strong reviews and fan affection, proving that the stealth genre is not one that will go away anytime soon, just look at the highly successful Mark of the Ninja and the highly anticipated next-gen Thief.

While “The Brigmore Witches” will be the final story concerning Dishonored’s immediate cast and theme, Bethesda Softworks, the publisher for the game, has stated that due to Dishonored’s high sales and praise, it will become a franchise, so we can bet on seeing a sequel to the game in the coming years, most likely for the next generation of consoles. So, fans of Dishonored’s world and/or characters, do not fret, there is surely more to come in the future.

Feel free to check out the trailer for yourself below and see if you would like to experience the final chapter in Daud’s story.