5 Mechanics I Want To See Return In Pokemon X And Y

Information regarding Pokemon X and Y has been flooding in lately, especially with the reveals of several Mega Pokemon. In anticipation for these new games I have been looking back on older generations and picking out which mechanics I enjoyed the most and would like to see return in X and Y.

1: Multiple Bicycles. Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald Versions saw the introduction of the Mach Bike and the Acro Bike, two different kinds of bicycles that you could obtain that each served a different function. While either would get you from one point to the next quicker than walking would, the Mach Bike does it the fastest. The Mach Bike allows the player to go so fast that they can ride up steep hills, while the Acro Bike allows players to do wheelies and bunny hops to cross certain gaps. The inclusion of these two different kinds of bikes allowed for a larger variety in puzzles in the game. I would love to see a similar mechanic in Pokemon X and Y, even with more bikes if possible.

2: Pokemon Contests. The third generation of Pokemon also introduced the incredibly addicting Pokemon Contests. When I first found out about the contests I wrote them off as a weird thing for players to do when they got bored of training, but soon grew to love them as much as battling and collecting Pokemon. Pokemon Contests require a different form of strategy than battles do, often making you think ahead and predict what your opponents will do next and use a move to counteract it and win the judge’s favor. While the rewards for the contests were usually just ribbons or aesthetic items for your Pokemon, since X and Y will get rid of ribbons, I can see Pokemon Contests being much more rewarding this time around if they were implemented.

3: Trick House. The Trick House in Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald is still one of my favorite parts of those games to this day. After gaining a new badge the player could head on over to the Trick House near Cycling Road and partake in a challenge of sorts. Sometimes the challenge was as simple as using Cut to make your way around the room, while sometimes it required you to participate in a quiz based on your Pokemon knowledge. I was always disappointed that the Trick House never saw any new iterations in previous generations and I hope to see that change with the sixth.

4: Secret Bases / The Underground. Alright, alright, this is the last mechanic from generation 3, I promise. The secret bases of Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald hold a special place in my heart due to the amount of interaction you had over them and the fact that your friends could visit them. The mechanics behind them were somewhat simple, but the fourth generation took the concept and expanded on it greatly with the Underground. The Underground seems as if it was created solely for people to create massive secret bases. Each player was allowed to create one base in the Underground and could furnish it how they see fit with a wide assortment of furniture and dolls. Then, once two players meet up, a game of capture the flag begins. By running to your opponent’s base, you can snag their flag and bring it back to your base to score a mostly meaningless point. However, to spice up the fun, different warp panels and obstacles were available for players to place in their opponent’s way.

5: Multiple regions. Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal had a lot on their plate in terms of following up the Red and Blue and their massive popularity. They managed to succeed completely by adding more Pokemon, new mechanics, and an homage to the other games. In Gold, Silver, and Crystal, after collecting all eight badges in the Johto region and defeating the Elite Four, the player was able to travel back to the Kanto region from the previous games and acquire eight more badges, finally ending everything by facing off against a character with extremely high-level Pokemon named Red, thought to be the protagonist from Red, Blue, and Yellow. Now, granted, this one seems like the least likely to happen out of all the mechanics that could return, but I would still welcome it with open arms.

While I can certainly see secret bases and Pokemon contests returning, other mechanics such as multiple regions and the trick house seem to be out of reach in my opinion. Nonetheless, I look forward to any new or returning mechanics in Pokemon X and Y, and hope that they stick with me like these ones.

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