WWE SummerSlam

WWE SummerSlam 2013 Rundown

Well, it’s that time of the year again when WWE’s second biggest show of the year, SummerSlam. I will say that last year’s show was pretty disappointing. Now of the matches were particularly interesting and just didn’t have the right kind of build that you want going into a pay per view.

But this year is very different. We have ACTUAL stories going into these matches and people are actually getting excited for multiple matches. This is the kind of stuff fans have been asking for. Let’s begin:


Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn vs Big E Langston and AJ

I wish this was just a singles match between Ziggler and Langston but alas they gave away that match on television. But hey, at least these Divas have an actual history together and they’ve had decent matches together. Kaitlyn lost the title to AJ and both have been fighting each other ever since. It’s kind of sad though that Kaitlyn is the only big time face Diva now. There is barely anyone to chase after the Divas title since they just turned Layla into a heel as well. So I’m guessing we’re going to get more AJ vs Kaitlyn and I’m already bored.

But the main meat of this match is the classic former lovers storyline. Ziggler broke up with AJ after she interfered in too many of his matches and Big E was their former muscle. Big E sided with AJ after the break up and I gotta that AJ and Big E’s relationship is pretty refreshing. Instead of turning them into lovers, they gave them an older brother and little sister bond. Big E is still pretty new to the roster and I think this will help him find his place in the roster.

Meanwhile, Ziggler has been having the best year in his career and the fans are just eating it up. After his, now famous, cash in on Alberto Del Rio he has become a huge star. He was getting so much applause that the WWE had to turn him face.

It’ll probably be your basic mixed tag match but everyone here is pretty competent in the ring so it won’t be awful compared to some mixed tags we have gotten in the past . I’m hoping though this will close the AJ and Ziggler saga so Ziggler can move onto better things.


Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow

The former Rhode Scholars are colliding in this grudge match. It all began at Money in the Bank, where these two friends entered in a Money in the Bank match together. They were the best of friends and complimenting each others abilities. During the match they were both fighting for the briefcase. It was a long, hard battle and it looked Cody was going to win but Sandow snuck up behind Cody and pushed him off the ladder. This left Sandow free to grab the briefcase.

Cody felt betrayed because he almost had it and the person to do it was his best friend. These past weeks on RAW and Smackdown, Cody has been getting the best of Sandow by throwing his briefcase into the Gulf of Mexico and making him swim for it. Sandow has been calling Cody the weak one and how his intelligence could never match Sandow’s.

It’s a really simple story but you know it works really well. No one expected them to implode like this at Money in the Bank and after weeks of buildup, Cody gets a shot at revenge.

I’ve been a pretty big fan of Sandow and I think he really does deserve this briefcase and push. He toiled away in the developmentals for almost 10 years and he is finally getting his chance. In fact, both of these guys deserve a great story and I’m glad that they can share it together. Maybe in a future pay per view they will be battling for the World Heavyweight Title.

KaneWyattKane vs Bray Wyatt

Ring of Fire Match

Now this match is pretty crucial for Wyatt. He has been the biggest talk from NXT and this is his debut match. He has proven that he can talk just as good as any main eventer but everyone is wondering if his match skills will match his mic skills. Last I could remember nobody was raving about him as a worker.

The Wyatt family has been getting the better of Kane for awhile and so Kane gets a piece of Wyatt himself. Oh, and the ring will be set on FIRE! I don’t know who will win it really. Kane can take the loss though, he has been wrestling for the WWE for so many years that he’ll always have a place on the card. Plus, a huge win will help Wyatt immensely.

I honestly, don’t think this match will be very good because these guys aren’t known for their workrates but damn it, Wyatt is so good at promos that it makes you want to see it. As long as the match doesn’t suck then hopefully we’ll get plenty more of Wyatt.


Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Christian
World Heavyweight Title Match

Easily the match I’m least looking forward to. Come on, haven’t we seen these guys fight enough. Granted, they had a decent ladder match two years ago but they have faced each two times in the last three weeks. Christian has gotten the better of Del Rio twice and they were both non-title matches.

It’s really difficult to add any meaning to a title when you have your champion losing clean as a sheet, week after week. Also, they didn’t even have any opponent for the title until a week ago.

It’s pretty clear that Del Rio is going to win because if he were to lose, he would look like the biggest joke of a champion. Christian isn’t faring any better because he hasn’t had a decent storyline in years and he had only one push, where he only had the World Heavyweight title for two days. Both of these guys better hope creative will have something better for them.

They really should have kept the title on Ziggler, at least then they would have a champion that they care about.


CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar

You want to talk about a great story? Look no further. This match has had a long build and boy, has it been good. CM Punk has been Paul Heyman’s client for more than half a year. Paul Heyman betrayed CM Punk at Money in the Bank, when Heyman smashed a ladder on Punk’s head. Punk immediately wanted revenge and when he went after Heyman the next night, all he got was Lesnar.

Lesnar has been beating the crap out of Punk for weeks while Heyman and Punk have been delivering top notch promos. Punk has proven he is one of, if not the best, talkers in the business. He knows how to sell a storyline and I’m glad the company is seeing that and giving him the mic time.

It’s a very good thing though that they haven’t given Lesnar much mic time. He just isn’t that good on the mic and luckily, Heyman is here to do all of his talking. Lesnar is the perfect badass though. He knows how to kick ass and he is capable of putting on good brawling match.

Heyman was the only one to stick up for Punk during his early days in the WWE. These two have had a long history together so it makes sense and they have great chemistry together, whether they are friends or foes. I think this match will be a contender for match of the night.


John Cena (c) vs Daniel Bryan
WWE Title Match

This is the match though that everyone is wanting to see. Daniel Bryan is finally getting his shot at the gold. He has had the perfect build going into this. It all started when John Cena was given the opportunity to choose his SummerSlam opponent. Before Cena could even open his mouth, they were already chanting for Bryan. When Cena finally named Bryan, the audience exploded.

The story here is that Bryan isn’t the typical WWE champ and Vince McMahon wants nothing to do with him. Triple H has been backing Bryan and wants to prove to Vince that he is championship material. Bryan is super over right now and has already created a cultural sensation with “YES” and “NO” chants. It’s about time they are striking while the iron is hot.

People were angry when Bryan didn’t win the Money in the Bank match but this better because now if he wins the title he can show that he really does deserve it. The segments with Bryan have been phenomenal and now he is getting great opponents as well.

John Cena, to his credit, is really taking Bryan seriously. Normally, Cena is all jokes and making fun of his opponent but now he is playing to the crowd because they want to see them fight. The crowds though have been booing Cena but I gotta say that he is not that bad right now. Cena has been cutting great promos himself and he is not a bad wrestler by any means.

The only thing left in the equation is Randy Orton. Orton has the briefcase and has been tempting a heel turn. At the end of this match, we might see Orton cash in and leave as the champ. It would crush Bryan fans but it would at least give Orton a decent heel turn. But personally I just want Bryan to leave as champion.

Cena and Punk had great chemistry and they might be able to get lightning to strike twice. I think these two will have a great match and will be one that people are talking about.

Well, that wraps it up so far for SummerSlam. We still have one more week before the show and there are still people left off the card. Will Mark Henry get full revenge on the Shield? What the hell is Ryback doing? What else can we expect?

I don’t know but this is shaping up to be a hell of a pay per view.