Will The PS Vita Be Getting A Price Drop?

One of the first factors that hold people back from buying new consoles and handhelds is price. Another factor is diversity of games. PlayStation Vita had been lacking in games and had been selling at quite a high price since its release. More recently, Sony has been releasing many more high profile games and has announced a handful more, increasing the excitement surrounding the handheld. Unfortunately, Sony have been taking quite a hard stance over the price, detracting many potential buyers as a result. But something may be changing this month.

An advert that had been leaked out of Target, the American retailer, shows that they are dropping the price of the PlayStation Vita WiFi down to $199.99 from the 18th of August to the 24th. As for the 3G version of the Vita, the traditionally more expensive model, the price will drop to $249.99 for the same length of time. This saves customers around $50 less than the current price. The interesting part is that the dates set for the sale coincide with the next major games exhibition, Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. As per usual, many expect some very big announcements from Sony this year, especially with the release date for the PlayStation 4 yet to be set and some exciting games coming for both the consoles. Here is the leaked image:


As the PS Vita has some really big games coming up and the promised remote play with the PlayStation 4, it isn’t out of the question for Sony to drop the price of the handheld to accommodate next generation adopters. This price drop could signal the beginning of great sales for the console which has struggled since release but has since been overshadowed by the monumental sales failure of the Wii U. It is now in Sony’s court to pick up the sales and make the PS Vita a must have piece of hardware.