Review: True Blood 6×09: “Life Matters”

This review contains spoilers. If you haven’t caught up with True Blood, I highly recommend that you don’t read the following. You have been warned. 

(Photo: PopCityLife)

(Photo: PopCityLife)

We’ve been through a lot of drama lately on “True Blood,” haven’t we? With Alan Ball stepping down as Show-Runner starting with Season 6, fans wondered how the show’s direction would change, if it would at all. Now that we’re on the semi-season finale, we have finally concluded the current story arc with “Life Matters,” or so it seems.

The episode begins with Sookie desperate to save Warlow from certain death by feeding him her blood, which he willfully accepts. Bill wants to use his last remaining blood to continue to walk in the sun, but Sookie gets rid of him, ejecting him from the Fairy World Graveyard with her light. Then, with Warlow’s permission, she attends Terry Bellfleur’s funeral for the rest of the episode.

Meanwhile, at the Anti-Vampire camp, Eric Northman has gone entirely nuts after the death of his sister, Nora, last episode. He can walk in the sun temporarily after drinking the newborn fairy Adeline’s blood, so he takes the guards by surprise and mercilessly slaughters them. After a castration, Eric frees the vampires from their prisons, giving them the sole order to “kill the humans,” which they accomplish with glee.

Bill, right on Eric’s tail, decides to beat him to the mythical “white room” of his visions earlier in the episode, where he offers himself as the source of fairy blood to help prevent the captive vampires from meeting the true death. Or maybe it was the fact that Bill now has Lilith’s blood that saved them. I couldn’t quite tell right away. Regardless, Sarah Newlin, one of the only humans still alive after the massacre in the facility, heads for the roof of the “white room,” where it is revealed that she is the one who opens the sun-roof, initially causing the vampires to meet the sun. But her plan had backfired thanks to Bill.


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Unfortunately, the only vampire not to receive Bill’s blood is Steve Newlin, who Eric purposefully killed because every time [he’s] lost someone [he] cared about, [Steve] was there. After Pam joyfully asks if everyone is dead, Jason remembers that Sarah is still alive, so he runs after her, and fights her for the gun in her car. He uses her religious talk against her, suggesting that, if God is telling her to do these awful things, that Jesus is telling him to kill her. But he can’t go through with it. He lets her go, having pressed the gun to her head and had his finger on the trigger.

Meanwhile, the vampires who have drank from Bill are, in all essences of the word, high. They, joined by Eric, begin to smash the tainted Tru Blood on the ground as a montage of vampires around the world doing the same plays. Bill, who is practically drained, is being called to Lilith, whose guards tell him that his time on Earth is over, to which he denies them adamantly. Jessica and James, noticing that Bill is not moving, try to get him to feed off of the latter, and it is assumed that he does, because the next scene shows him joining the group of Vampires as they head back to Bill’s house.

Eric is seen in the distance. Pam sees him, and tells him not to leave her. It is then that Eric flies directly upward, and he is not seen again. It is still unclear what happened to him.

While all of this is happening, Terry’s funeral is taking place, where we have persistent flashbacks of select memories that the varying characters value most involving Terry. Then, we have Big John, who has only started to become a significant character as of late, sing a blues ballad. GO BIG JOHN.

This episode, seemingly wrapping up the current story arc, was just what it needed to be. It reminded me a lot of the semi-season finale of Season 4, where the story arc seemed to wrap up but it truly wrapped up in the legitimate season finale. There are still plenty of questions left unanswered, that will (hopefully) be answered next week. Such as “where did Eric go?” and “is Sarah Newlin going to pose a threat once again?” among others.

This episode’s death of Steve Newlin also poses a significant question that should have been answered by now, and that is “who created Steve Newlin?,” which has been a topic of debate among fans of the show. Now that he’s dead, it seems pointless to really go into that, but they may find a way to work it in at some point.

Next week is the season finale, and time could not go slow enough. Keep up with Leviathyn for the latest on everything True Blood! Thanks for reading!

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