Assassin’s Creed Across the World

Some say history is set in stone but I like to imagine it is more like a library: the books there hold a good amount of what we’d like to believe is the truth, even though nothing is true.  But it wouldn’t be so hard to write in the margins and transcribe faded words with a new past, one that is a little more conducive to a secret war between age-old enemy factions.  And that is what Ubisoft-developed Assassin’s Creed has done.  Everything is permitted, right?

Starting in the dusty roads that connected Acre to Jerusalem to Masyaf in the first game, the games have trailed steadily westwards leading us to the Americas.  A few comic books recognized as canon by the developers and fans have moved the action back east but the world is a large place and they haven’t reached the entire world.  Yet.  The way games are coming out, though, you’ll probably have a game for each city by 2020.  Expect a game on your specific town in January 2021.  Either way, enterprising fans have uncovered tidbits and easter eggs from previous Assassin’s Creed games (mainly the map in Assassin’s Creed 2) that detail where Pieces of Eden might be located.  Some of these predictions have already come true, such as the Piece of Eden located in the Northeast United States that was referenced in last year’s Assassin’s Creed 3.

Though the fight often circles around the battle between Templars and Assassins, they frequently involved Pieces of Eden, artifacts from the First Civilization or Those-Who-Came-Before.  The toys of those godlike beings that so flummoxed fans after Assassin’s Creed 2 have been a fulcrum, if not the singular fulcrum, in every game.  It has fallen to the various pieces of Eden to become the tiebreaker mostly because the abilities of the two factions have been so equally matched.  This would make it easiest to try to guess where the multiple Ubisoft development studios might decide to set games in the futures based on quote-unquote known locations of pieces of Eden.

Locations have spanned from Australia to Ukraine to Russia to various places in Asia and South America.  They are, literally, everywhere.  This leads me to believe that Eden was blown to high hell, hence pieces of it littering such distant locations.  [Note: that was a poor attempt at humor.  I know that people aren’t just wielding a bit of a First Civilization McDonald’s wall as a weapon.]

Assassin's Creed codex map

The small, white dots indicate locations of the delicious, little Reese’s–er..Eden pieces.

I’m most interested in what our fans would like to see.  A week from today (the 12th of August), after recording the three most wanted locations, I will do a little research into history and see what toys history has left us to turn into an Assassin’s playground.