12GB PS3 Coming to U.S. and Canada for $199?

The inexpensive 12GB PlayStation 3 console, which sold exclusively in Europe last October, may find its way to America and Canada.

Retailing for $199, the 12Gb PS3 model was spotted by a PlayStation Life Style reader who provided a screenshot of its database entry on GameStop/EB Games Canada as evidence. While Sony has yet to confirm the release of the 12GB PS3 model outside of Europe, it wasn’t long ago that another anonymous retailer spoke of similar news. Originally discussed in our recent Wind Waker article, a Twitter user going by the name @werejack spilled the beans on upcoming and unannounced gaming systems heading to America.

As you can see, not only was the 12GB PS3 console was mentioned, but the black version of the 3DS XL as well. While there’s been no announcement of the Pokémon 3DS bundles coming to the U.S., the possibility is extremely likely given the series’ huge popularity.

Until Sony makes an official confirmation, news of the 12GB PS3 shipping to U.S. and Canada remains a rumor. However, it’s very likely that Sony will release the $199 PS3 model to spring some life (and sales) of their aging console, especially with the PlayStation 4 on its way.

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