PS Vita Price Drop Will Help Bring The Handheld Back Into The Game

Rumors have been spreading about the possibility of a PlayStation Vita price drop in the offing during Gamescom this year. Due to a leaked advertisement at Target, the Vita could be dropped to $199.99 for the cheapest model and $249.99 for the 3G version. Seeing as the handheld was released at a fairly high price compared to the competition available, most importantly the Nintendo 3DS, this is a major step forward. The Vita has struggled long enough and the potential price drop will certainly help the handheld gain some traction in the soon to be crowded gaming market.

Sony’s PlayStation Vita has struggled since its release. It hasn’t sold spectacularly well nor has it had a single reason why it should be a must have piece of gaming technology. To some it was just another PSP but more overpriced, while to others there were not enough games to fully justify a purchase of an expensive handheld. Yes, there is Uncharted on Vita but not many games were MUST HAVES. It was also priced similarly to the most recent PlayStation 3, which I personally find unbelievable. Who is going to buy a handheld when they can just as easily get the fully fledged console for the same kind of pricing? It just doesn’t justify a purchase. People at the conferences were groaning when Sony spent a large amount of time on the PS Vita and not on the highly anticipated games for PS3 while ignoring the calls for a next generation console. That all changed when Sony finally did show off their next generation plans and when the PS Vita was integrated, crowds finally took notice.


PlayStation 4 was announced in February and one of its features heavily relies on the Vita. It was a feature that excited people and finally gave the Vita purpose. Remote play. Not the remote play that featured on the PSP before, but instead, remote play that allowed you to leave the TV behind and play on your handheld in quality graphics. While some may whine that it is just becoming a expensive controller, with the rise of second screens, the importance will only keep growing. In addition, games are coming that make people truly interested. Killzone: Mercenary has been building up the excitement with selective public betas for its multiplayer segment while LittleBigPlanet dev, Media Molecule, have been hard at work on Tearaway. Tearaway looks very exciting and may be the handheld’s creative hit like LBP was for the PlayStation 3.


None of those exciting things will be picked up on when they are released as the price is too high. Regardless of the excitement that surrounds the features and the games, people will not buy anything if it is not within their price range. As the PS4 is also coming out, there will be even less people with enough money to afford yet another console. So a price drop seems reasonable. So now, the PS Vita would have a purpose and also will be at a more reasonable, attractive price.

Sony may have just saved the PlayStation Vita.