5 Things To Look Forward To In Pokemon X And Y

On October 12, the sixth generation of Pokemon will be upon us with Pokemon X and Y, and I could not be more excited. In order to celebrate the soon arrival of the games, I have compiled a list of my most anticipated additions to the franchise that have been announced so far.

1) A new type: Fairy. The Pokemon series has not seen any new types since the second generation with Steel and Dark-types. Dark was mainly introduced to counteract the then overpowered Psychic-type from generation one, and a similar thing is being done with Fairy-type in Pokemon X and Y. The fourth and fifth generations especially saw a massive increase in the power of the Dragon-type. Because of this, Game Freak is implementing the Fair-type which will inflict double damage on Dragon-types alongside Ice-types. Of course, there will be new Pokemon introduced in X and Y that will be Fairy-type, as well as some older Pokemon having the type added on to their existing type, or taking its place completely.

2) Super Training & Core Training. Pokemon X and Y will introduce two new ways of training Pokemon which will focus more on a Pokemon’s EV values than its levels. EV values have been around since the beginning as a hidden stat that greatly influences a Pokemon’s individual stats, and it seems like they will be visible to some degree in X and Y which will help competitive gamers especially, as EV training is massive help when it comes to facing against other people’s Pokemon.

3) New types of battle: Sky & Horde. Pokemon Black and White introduced Triple and Rotation Battles which allowed for half of your party to participate in the battle at once and requires much more strategy than normal or double battles. Pokemon X and Y will see the introduction of Sky Battles and Horde Encounters. Sky Battles are fought only with Flying-type Pokemon or Pokemon with the ability Levitate. Horde battles, on the other hand, take place in a 5 versus 1 format where five different wild Pokemon either of the same species or different battle your Pokemon individually. From what has been shown, it seems like the weaker Pokemon are encountered in hordes so as not to be too unfair.

4) O-Powers. Pokemon Black and White saw the addition of Pass Powers which gave different boosts to players as they encountered other real people. In X and Y, O-Powers will function similarly to Pass Powers. Different boosts that you can receive are boosts in the amount of experience you gain from battles, amount of money you gain from victories, and even increases in certain stats. O-Powers are also able to be transferred to people around you and over the internet, allowing for friends you live far away from each other to benefit from both O-Powers.

5) Mega Evolutions. Mega Evolutions were just recently announced, and while not all Pokemon are capable of it, those that are will benefit from it immensely. Mega Evolutions only happen during battles when as of yet unknown circumstances are reached and the Pokemon that is capable of a Mega Evolution is holding a specific item. Various aspects of the Pokemon change upon a Mega Evolution such as appearance, typing, and abilities.

So, there you have it. There are many more additions that have been announced, and most likely more to be announced. Hopefully all of these additions pay off come October 12th when Pokemon X and Y launch worldwide.