5 Games To Watch At Gamescon

On August 21st, the doors will open to one of the biggest gaming events of the year. Gamescon, where developers, media, and fans meet once a year to bask in the glory that is the future of gaming. Although this is only the third year of Gamescon, it has already become one of the largest gaming events in the world with over 250,00o estimated visitors this year. So why all the hype? I’ll tell you why. Gamescon is where regular people like you and me can get their grubby little hands on games and consoles not yet released, and I don’t know about you but that gets me excited in ways I shouldn’t mention.

Now you’re probably thinking to yourself, what kind of games can i expect to see at this games-con? That’s a great question, and the reason for this list. So without further adieu, Here are the 5 games you need to watch for at this years Gamescon.

5. Thief

Coming to all major consoles and the PC, Thief is the highly, and I mean highly anticipated forth installment in the Thief franchise. The gameplay of thief could be compared to the elder scrolls series, as it is a first person game but not a shooter. Garret, the main character, uses stealth as a means to defeat his enemies rather than brute force. Its unique gameplay and immersive environments made its past games a classic among gamers and is more then enough reason for Thief to be a game to watch at this years show.

Can you wait for it? I can't.

Can you wait for it? I can’t.

4. Titanfall

Developed by Respawn entertainment and being released exclusively for the Xbox one, Titanfall took E3 by storm this year giving Microsoft a real push when it came to software. After the showing at E3, this game will be sure to move some consoles. Titanfall is a multiplayer only first person shooter utilizing mechs (also known as Titans) as its unique pitch to gamers. The idea of battling mechs and online multiplayer are nothing new, but the way Titanfall brings it all together with great presentation and equally great looking gameplay makes this game a good argument for purchasing a new Xbox.

The multiplayer only Titanfall

The multiplayer only Titanfall

3. Kingdom hearts III

The hugely anticipated third installment was finally announced at E3 2013 and is looking at a release on both the Playstation 4 and the Xbox one. This will be the first time that the series is on any other system than one designed by Sony. How will this effect the game? probably not a lot although it will and already has stirred up some pent up anger between Xbox and Playstation fan boys and girls. But looking beyond that, it will be great if we saw any information regarding the game. You wouldn’t hear me complaining if we saw some gameplay as well.

I wish i had gameplay to show.

I wish i had gameplay to show.

2. Super Mario 3D world

Don’t worry I didn’t forget about the Nintendo fans. Although super Mario 3D world may not be the biggest game of the show, I’m sure it will be one of the most fun to play on the show floor. Nothing beats hanging out with good friends and playing some multiplayer Mario. This years Mario will support 4 player coop in a 3D environment.

4 player coop in action!

4 player coop in action!

1. Pokemon X and Y

Nothing can stop the Pokemon juggernaut, even as the games and players get older it seems we truly never age. This may just be a testament to how great the Pokemon franchise is, it just never seems to get old. This doesn’t mean Gamefreak gets a free pass though. I’m looking forward to seeing how they can advance the franchise this generation and hope to see something we haven’t seen in a Pokemon game, something that surprises me and gives me the same feeling I had playing Pokemon Red for the first time.PokemonXBoxart