Could Saints Row IV Be Too Crazy for its Own Good?

With its intense action, goofy self-awareness, and open world that allows me to live a life without rules, I love Saints Row: The Third in a way I don’t necessarily feel about many games. It’s a title I return to time and time again, and every time I do, I always find new things to explore, new chaos to create, and new ways to have stright-up, unabashed fun. It’s a fantastic romp, and that’s why I love it as much as I do.

So naturally, one would think I’d be absolutely over the moon with Saints Row IV set to be released in a matter of days. Right?

Well, actually…no. Not really.

This isn’t to say I’m not excited to check it out. There’s always a good reason to boot up Saints Row, and the idea of new content gets my thumbs all twitchy in anticipation. But I’m still a little hesitant, and I’m trying to stay positive on the idea, despite the fact that I’m becoming increasingly worried about the direction the game is headed. Because, for all the craziness I loved about Saints Row: The Third, I’m worried that things might go a little bit too far and the game will be a little too crazy for its own good.

See, part of the charm of Saints Row: The Third was that you were basically given a very plain template and allowed to customize your character into whatever you wanted them to be. Want a brooding and serious character who favors conventional weapons such as pistols and assault rifles? No problem. A goofy character who dresses in bright colors and mows down pedestrians with a street sweeper? You’ve got it. A trigger happy person who favors explosives more your speed? Why not? The possibilities were virtually endless, and although the game does have a certain baseline eccentric charm to it, The Third allowed you the freedom to create as insane or grounded of a character and world as you saw fit.

This is where I worry that Saints Row IV could take a turn for the worse. Now you’re not just the leader of the Saints, you’re the President of the USA. You’re not just a character who likes to dive roll out of cars and parachute off of buildings, you now have super powers. And where you were once fighting rival gangs for control of the city, you now combat aliens for the greater good of the planet. It all seems like a weird Crackdown/Destroy All Humans hybrid that I’m somewhat hesitant about.

More than anything, it’s the idea of a game that once allowed you to indulge in its craziness and shifting to force the craziness upon you that has me the most worried. Of course, this could all be redered null once the game comes out and I fall in love with it, which is exactly what I’m hoping for. Really, it’s the love I feel as a big fan that leads me to be ultimately skeptical of the direction the fourth iteration is taking. Hopefully I’m 100% wrong.

How do you feel about the new direction of Saints Row IV? Tell me in the comments below!


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  1. Caz

    You worry too much. Saints Row IV is awesome and a natural conclusion to the series. It’s not forcing it’s craziness anymore than SR2 and SR3 did. It is also a love letter to the fans with all the call backs.

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