3 New Pokemon Announced For Pokemon X and Y, Along With ‘Mega’ Forms [UPDATED]

Once again, more new Pokemon for Pokemon X and Y have been announced in CoroCoro magazine. This time we’re introduced to 3 new Pokemon, including the pre-evolved form of Gogoat, as well as a new form of Pokemon – the Mega Pokemon. Get ready to either cry in frustration or squeal with joy, because they look kind of awesome.

Pokemon X and Y

First we have the three new Pokemon, all of which currently have Japanese names. On the left we can see the pre-evolved form of Gogoat, called Meekuru. It’s stats stand at 0.9m and 31kg. The Pokemon in the middle is Horubii, a normal-type that weighs in at 5kg and 0.4m. As rabbits are, it’s a digging Pokemon that has the abilities Pick Up or Cheek Pouches (no other details have been announced so far). The final Pokemon, on the right that looks like a podgy Pikachu, is Dedenne. It’s an electric Fairy type, standing at 0.2m and 2.2kg. This Antenna Pokemon has the same two abilities as Horubii.

[UPDATE] New details have been announced regarding the three Pokemon. Dedenne (currently staying with this name) can learn the new Electric move Nuzzle, which sounds a lot cuter than it is! The user nuzzles up to the target with its cheeks fully charged, and does damage while paralyzing the opponent. Bunnelby (formerly Horubii) can learn Dig. Finally Skiddo (the pre-evolved form of Gogoat) can learn Leaf Blade.

Pokemon X and Y

The second big announcement is ‘Mega’ Pokemon – new forms of existing Pokemon. We’ve already had a look at these with the new Mewtwo form, but today we get to see MegaBlaziken, MegaAbsol, MegaMawile, MegaLucario and MegaAmpharos! (So the rumors that suggested a new form of Absol and Mawhile were technically true!) According to Serebii, MegaMawile is a Steel/Fairy type, and has the ability ‘Huge Power’, MegaBlaziken has ‘Speed Boost’, MegaLucario has ‘Adaptability’, MegaAbsol has the ability ‘Magic Bounce’, MegaMewtwo has the ability ‘Insomnia’ and MegaAmpharos is an Electric/Dragon type that has the ability ‘Mold Breaker’.  To evolve into these lovely new forms the Pokemon will go through a process called ‘Mega Evolution’. Will these be useful to the gamers, or will they manage to damage the carefully balanced fabric of Pokemon games? (Perhaps a little dramatic, but I had a friend who got very passionate when things changed in Pokemon).

[UPDATE] A trailer showing these new Mega Pokemon in action has been released by Nintendo, and we can now confirm that you can only evolve a Mega Pokemon during battle, and it does involve the Mega Stone. You can check out the trailer below:

According to Serebii again, these details have been confirmed thanks to CoroCoro’s cover. There’s also been a few other details slowly revealed over the course of the day:

Pokemon X and Y

The Super Training facility has finally been showcased, and the lovely character above is known as Koruni. She’s a Gym Leader who holds the key to understanding the afore-mentioned Mega Evolutions!

[UPDATE] Koruni now has a Western name: Korrina. She, and her ‘Tower of Mastery’ are the key to understanding the Mega Evolutions and her Gym is located in Shalour City.

We also have more details surrounding the Super Training, which had previously been teased. Super Training is a method for pro players to boost particular stats of their Pokemon, known as EV training. This comes in 3 forms: Super Training Regimens, Core Training and Super Training Base Stats.. Super Training Regimens are a mini-game that allow you to interact with your Pokemon as you deflect shots away from them, and completing these earns you Core Training bags. These bags can be attached to Pokemon to boost certain stats, and Super Training Base Stats is the overall name for EV training. Game Freak and Nintendo have promised to make this system much clearer in the near future.

The first Pokemon X and Y event has been announced – Torchic is all set to be distributed from October 12th to January 15th, and will hold a new item called Blaziken Kight. It also has the Hidden Ability of Speed Boost, and can eventually become MegaBlaziken. It will be holding a Mega Stone.

To sum up the new announcements, Nintendo and GameFreak have a special treat for anyone attending Gamescom in Cologne. A special playable demo of Pokemon X and Y will be available, although it’s currently not known what will be in the demo. It is believed that this demo will be a translated version of the demo at the Pomemon Game Show in Japan soon.

What do you think of the new Pokemon announcements? Looking forward to another new kind of Pokemon (as if there hasn’t been enough types already)? While we’re waiting for Pokemon X and Y, make sure to check out the trailer above and the images below!

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