‘Send Me to Heaven’ rejected by iPhone App Store, approved by Marketplace

There seem to be apps for most everything nowadays. Now, there is also an app designed to destroy what you may hold most dear. The very device you intend to use the app on. Your phone.

“Send Me To Heaven,” or “S.M.T.H.” as it’s abbreviated, is a new app that intends for you to tempt fate where your phone is concerned. “Throw Your Phone as High as you Can,” the instructions tell you once you agree to a terms of service agreement, removing the creator of the app, Carrot Pop, from any and all liability for broken phones. But here’s the kicker: the iPhone’s App Store removed the app from their system.

Sure, the decision to remove “Send Me to Heaven” from the iPhone App Store sounds like an educated decision, but just how many people will be robbed of the hours of enjoyment that comes with throwing your phone in the air to attain the maximum altitude, and then recording the height on the leader boards?

Do you agree with this act on behalf of the iPhone app store? Do you intend on playing “Send Me to Heaven”? Leave a comment down below and stick with Leviathyn for the latest in strange apps! Now we just need to schedule a “S.M.T.H.” tournament.