Create Gadgets In Sonic: Lost World’s 3DS Version

During today’s Nintendo Direct, a few details about the upcoming Sonic: Lost World have been revealed. Most importantly, the 3DS version of the game allows players to pick up some sort of component from different enemies to be used later in creating unique gadgets. The example shown in the Nintendo Direct featured a green helicopter about half the size of Sonic. Once these gadgets are created, the 3DS version is able to communicate with the Wii U version and send the gadget to the Wii U console. As shown in the demo, the helicopter was able to gather rings for Sonic, among other things.

The 3DS version will also feature levels and worlds much like the console version, although at a reduced graphical quality. It has not been said yet whether or not the Wii U version offers anything unique to the 3DS version in return. Due to the nature of the interaction between the Wii U and 3DS version, it would benefit Nintendo and Sonic: Lost World greatly to incorporate some sort of cross-buy system like Sony does with the PS Vita and PS3. However, Nintendo has yet to do something like this, so it is unlikely. Luckily, as mentioned before, players who purchase the 3DS version will still have a full game in their hands, although the usefulness of the gadget creation without an accompanying Wii U has yet to be seen.

Aside from the gadget creation, today’s Nintendo Direct featured a healthy amount of gameplay, shedding more light on what the levels in Sonic: Lost World will look like and how they will play. The ability to slightly augment Sonic’s speed will definitely prove to be helpful, and his ability to run on walls as seen in the Direct will make a nice addition to his arsenal. Overall, this game seems vastly different than previous Sonic releases, although that may be a good thing. I personally enjoyed Sonic Colors and Generations, although I am intrigued even more by the Mario Galaxy-esque levels that Sonic: Lost World seems to be boasting. The game will be available on October 20th for both the Wii U and 3DS exclusively.