What The New State of Decay Update Means

Undead Lab’s ambitious open-world zombie game State of Decay has spawned an impressive cult following, despite a number of bugs and technical issues plaguing the game.  To their credit, they have provided continuous updates and support to try to fix some of these problems, and today have taken another step in that regard.  Starting today, you should be receiving the third patch for the title.

First, the basics.  Here is a list of all the changes the patch is bringing for State of Decay, straight from Undead Labs:


– You can now ask a community NPC to follow you and watch your back. Followers can also accompany you on most non-storyline missions.
– NPCs who have been told to leave your community no longer remain in your Journal and take up bed space.
– Jacob can no longer be selected for a “Mercy Shot” mission before he gives you the “Home Away from Home” mission.
– You can now train members of another Enclave in your Dojo immediately upon construction of the Dojo.

Of course, there may still be times when you'll want to go it alone.

Of course, there may still be times when you’ll want to go it alone.


– Fixed Snyder Warehouse not repairing vehicles.
– Fixed community NPCs sometimes blocking the door to Snyder Warehouse.
– You can no longer move to a Home site that supports fewer Outposts than you currently control.
– Vehicles are no longer teleported to Home parking spaces at 6:00 AM.


– Outposts are now numbered on the map.
– Added Journal log entry for establishing an Outpost.
– Outpost bonuses to Stockpiles are now retained when the game is restarted.


– Added Journal log entries for “Memento” mission.
– Changed AI to ensure zombies are present when you get a training mission or a morale mission.
– You are now reminded every 15 minutes, starting at 30 minutes, that your progress is not being saved while in a mission.
– Fixed bug that allowed save spinner to sometimes display during missions.
– Additional polish to “The Law” mission.


– Fixed an issue where Influence attrition wasn’t scaling properly, which led to some Influence exploits.
– Removed references to generators in Fuel description.
– Fixed a terrain issue that caused parked vehicles to catch on fire when restarting the game.
– Fixed getting “Stockpile maximum exceeded” Journal log entry immediately after leaving Mount Tanner.
– Fixed issues that allowed community to exceed the population cap.
– Minor improvements to shadows.
– Fixed some missing subtitles.
– Fixed some floating bushes and grass.
– Fixed some typos.
– Fixed issues in non-English translations.

Hopefully you'll only see this when you want to now.

Hopefully you’ll only see this when you want to now.

However, the biggest issue is the large community bug.  If you grow your State of Decay community too large, especially early in the game, the game can have a tendency to crash.  This patch was able to help a portion of users experiencing this bug, but sadly not everybody.  If you’re community is still too large for the game too handle, it will necessitate a restart.  Undead Labs stressed that they have done everything to prevent this, but fortunately it seems to have fixed the majority of those issues.  For everyone that can experience the patch, no restart will be needed, as the patch automatically takes place even inside already-created worlds.

A note about the other issues.  While some of these you may not even notice, let me break down a few under-the-radar ones that have thankfully (read:hopefully) been fixed here.

The biggest one, in my opinion, is the fact that you can now enlist an NPC to follow you on most missions, excluding a few story ones.  This is huge. It always struck me as odd that, in a game that pushed codependancy so hard, you could never actually team up.  This should go a long way to alleviating some of the difficulty associated with venturing out on your own, even if your NPC companions leave something to be desired.

The fact that vehicles aren’t instantly transported back to your home at 6 AM might not sound crucial, but more than once I was left my sweet car behind for a  few minutes, then returned to find it vanished.  The fact that it was waiting for me at home didn’t offer much solace when I had to trek forty miles to get it back.

And of course my iPod just died.

And of course my iPod just died.

Outposts are numbered now.  This is a small change that could go a long way.  As great as this game is, it can be confusing at times, and having an easy way to keep track of your outposts will be a godsend.  Your stockpile bonuses will also be saved now upon restarting, which might actually encourage me to stockpile now.

The last one is one that I have personally experienced.  Cars, if parked in a certain way apparently, could spontaneously combust upon restarting a game.  Trust me, that was no fun, although as exasperated as I was, I had to chuckle.  Once was enough for me though, so I’m glad the issue got fixed.

This is all good news, and is giving me super high-hopes for the upcoming PC version.  I love to see a studio supporting its games after launch, and for such an ambitious yet flawed game, State of Decay needs it more than many.  If Undead Labs keeps clearing up issues like this, State of Decay could become much more than a cult favorite.

Are you happy to hear about these issues being cleared up?  Do you have any lingering issues that haven’t been addressed in this update?  Leave us your thoughts.

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  1. Eric W.

    Awesome, the biggest disappointment I had with this otherwise amazing game was the weird fact that you had to go off on your own for most missions, which is totally counter-intuitive in a zombie apocalypse. Hopefully having an ally with you won’t unbalance the game too much (I found it fairly easy once I knew what I was doing). Definitely in my Top 5 games this year.

  2. Alex S.

    “The biggest one, in my opinion, is the fact that you can now enlist an NPC to follow you on most missions, excluding a few story ones. This is huge.”


    Hopefully Ferals wont be as deadly, and it’ll be easier not to become outnumbered.

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