Wayward Manor: Neil Gaiman’s Brainchild

Last week, the Internet was treated to a fun, exciting piece of information: a new game, created and penned by acclaimed screenwriter, Neil Gaiman, is set to be released this fall for PC, Mac, and tablets. For those unfamiliar with Neil Gaiman, he has been involved in about every part of the entertainment spectrum. He wrote a two part Batman graphic novel entitled “What Happened to the Caped Crusader?” and has also written a few episodes of Doctor Who.

The new game, Wayward Manor, is described as being a puzzle/adventure game hybrid, although no gameplay has been shown yet. On the game’s website, it gives many Kickstarter-like options for buying and therefore helping fund the game. Anything from just a digital copy of the game for $10 all the way to a signed poster bundle for $250 can be purchased directly from

wayward manor

Wayward Manor

I, for one, am extremely excited for a story-telling visionary such as Gaiman to venture into the gaming industry. One of the best storytellers of our generation, I can only imagine what dark, interesting gameplay will come from him and the talented folks at developer, The Odd Gentlemen.


For more information, check out the website and follow Neil @neilhimself.


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