Ouya Apologizes To Backers With Store Credit

The Android-powered Ouya has had a rough launch this summer, with several units shipping extremely late, and some even coming without certain items packaged with it. Fortunately, Ouya founder Julie Uhrman heard these complaints and sent out an e-mail to all backers offering them store credit to be used on the “DISCOVER” section – the main marketplace of the console. The credit evens out to a little over thirteen dollars, which is a generous amount considering the volume of backers to which it will be given. Unfortunately, this does not help the Ouya with its second major problem: a lack of games that are worth spending that store credit on.  As of right now, Towerfall seems to be the only game worth getting on the console. While this may change, I doubt Ouya will see a huge increase in sales with this store credit until more appealing games are put on the market.

While it is still much too early to decide whether or not the Ouya will stand against other consoles and survive, its critical reception thus far has not been very pleasant. The company has stated time and again that various improvements will be added to the Ouya after its initial launch which it would definitely benefit from. One of the most notable complaints with the console and hardware that accompanies it is that the buttons on the controller far too often get stuck under the removable face plate of the controller when too much pressure is applied. While I cannot say this has affected me very much personally, the triggers on the controller do bother me a little as they do not seem responsive enough most of the time.

The Ouya obviously has some changes to make, but its one hundred dollar price tag makes it a much more viable option for more casual gamers who do not want to drop huge amounts of money on a current gaming console or computer. The Ouya was overfunded almost immediately upon its arrival on Kickstarter, showing that the concept behind the console definitely has its fair share of fans. The only question that remains is whether or not it can fix its problems and step out of the shadows.

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