Has Left 4 Dead 3 Been Confirmed?

When it comes to announcing the third entry in a series, Valve hasn’t exactly been forthcoming.  Every April, you can bet there will be at least one fake image, probably more, seemingly announcing Half-Life 3.  Don’t beleive it; they are never going to finish a trilogy, right?  Portal, Left 4 Dead, Defense of the Ancients, Team Fortress; the list of popular series still in their second incarnations is impressive, but one heavyweight who should also be on that list might just be getting the three-star treatment.

Valve’s popular cooperative zombie shooter Left 4 Dead may be getting a third entry, if a recent upload by a Reddit user is to be believed.  Check out these images:


Yep, clearly Left 4 Dead 3.  Oh, having trouble parsing that changelog?  Let’s get a closer look at one of the lines.


Is that definitive proof that L4D3 is coming?  No, but it strongly suggests they are at least working on it, so who knows?  This is Valve we are talking about after all; I wouldn’t put anything past those guys.

And no, no mention of Half-Life 3 yet.  At least until next April.