2 Guns Review: Two Thumbs Up

If you are looking for a fun movie this summer, 2 Guns might be one the best experiences you can have at a theater. This flick has a great sense of humor as well as plenty of action to keep you entertained.

2 Guns doesn’t have the greatest plot and it can be confusing at times but it does a good enough job of setting the action and has a decent pacing to it. The focus of the story centers on DEA agent Booby Trench (Denzel Washington) and Navy Intelligence Officer Michael Stigman (Mark Wahlberg) who work together to bring down a Mexican drug cartel even though both don’t know that the other is actually not a criminal. Things get complicated when the two rob a bank they think holds $3 million, which can be used to indict Papi Greco (Edward James Olmos) on money laundering charges. But the plan doesn’t go well when the duo find out that bank actually holds over 43 million dollars.

From there the two are on the run as they must find who set them up and must learn that the only person they can trust is each other. The story can get wonky at times as there are up to four different sides that are after the money and you can lose track of who is trying to kill who or who are working together. Even though the story is nothing groundbreaking it does do a good job of showing that Stigman and Trench only have each other to actually trust.

Easily the best part of 2 Guns is the chemistry between Washington and Wahlberg. Even though this might seem like a weird pairing, the two work really well together and the different acting styles work well to complement each other. Wahlberg has the gift of gab and doesn’t know when to stop talking and Washington plays the guy that has ice in his veins and likes to keep things calm. If you are fan of buddy cop films like Lethal Weapon, 48 Hours, and Bad Boys you should feel at home with how Washington and Wahlberg act together.

The two prove to be not only formidable fighters but also funny people. As witnessed in an early scene as the two are arguing over how much to tip a waitress even though the diner they are in is only seconds away from blowing up. Another funny scene is when Washington is trying to talk to a DEA agent played by Paula Patton and Wahlberg interrupts the two’s conversation by asking if he can have a cup of yogurt.

I would also like to give a special shout out to Bill Paxton who plays a corrupt CIA agent named Earl. He is so good in this role that whenever he  interrogates someone you get both creeped out and scared at what he can do to somebody. Also, he is the perfect villain in that once you meet him you really want either Washington or Wahlberg to put a bullet in his head.  Throughout this film Earl proves to be someone that you really do not want to piss off.

The cinematography in this film is gorgeous as the over-saturation of colors works well and each of the big explosions just makes you go wow. Also there are plenty of locations in this movie that you will pretty much see each action scene take place in a new place and this helps keep to keep the action fresh. The cinematography in the action scenes are also just gorgeous as the action is smooth and you really get to see how much impact each bullet hit has.

If you are looking to a have a good time at movie theater before the end of summer be sure to check out 2 Guns.

Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington work well together and help make 2 Guns a funny and action packed summer film.

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Summary : Despite a convoluted and unrealistic story, 2 Guns has a lot of great action, good acting, and beautiful cinematography that should have you nailed to your seat from beginning to end.

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