Microsoft Applies for AR Glasses Patent

With the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One coming out later this year, the air is finally becoming saturated with that next-gen feel (Nintendo notwithstanding). Presumably the new consoles will be stronger than their current counterparts, and it was safe to assume that before any announcements were made.  How pretty the next generation is seems mildly irrelevant if the games offer nothing new.

Part of the excitement of a new console cycle is the innovation in tech that one would expect to see.  In the Xbox 360, the Wii, and the PlayStation 3, much of the innovation rested on the shoulders of the storytellers; it was up to the development teams to change the way we thought about the games we play.  Nintendo initially found success in the Wii motion controls, but found difficulty in implementing them as time went forward.  Similarly, the PlayStation Move and the Kinect found difficulty in genuinely incorporating the peripherals in a way that was exciting as much as it was satisfying.

A definite plus in the current environment is that a company trying to create these new innovations most likely need to produce the tech behind it.  We’ve heard about the Illumaroom, a patented product that would rest in the middle of a persons entertainment center and project images from the console further than the confines of a screen.

The newest patent for a Microsoft product is for augmented-reality glasses.  For use with the Xbox One, the patent proposal is multiplayer oriented, listing that the device will be able read eye gestures, and even goes as far as to allow the player to send and receive invitations.


Of course, patents can also be a bit frustrating.  There’s always the possibility that both the Illumaroom and these AR Glasses are products that will never fully be realized: Microsoft could be sitting on them simply to to prevent a competitor from utilizing comparable tech.  But assuming that the company may use them in tandem with the Kinect, the possibilities are exciting.  We already know that Dead Rising 3’s zombies will be able to hear you through the Kinect if you’re loud in a room that is quiet in-game.  I’d like to think that integrating the Illumaroom and the glasses isn’t that farfetched.


Courtesy of IGN