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Cloudberry Kingdom Review: A Difficult But Addicting Platformer

Cloudberry Kingdom is an indie, platformer game developed by Pwnee Studios. The main character Bob, a retired hero, must once again rescue the princess and save Cloudberry Kingdom from certain doom.

Cloudberry Kingdom for PC allows you to choose between using an Xbox 360 controller or just you normal keyboard and mouse. When playing a game that requires split second movements to survive, using the keyboard and mouse was better than using the Xbox 360 controller for it allows for simpler controls and more control over the characters movements. With each level you beat comes a new challenge that the previous level didn’t have, this could be from just 5 laser beams, 4 moving maces balls, and platforms that fall, to now double that, along with platforms that disappear or bounce and you’re strapped to a wheel. The character customization was something that reminded me of Battleblock Theater allowing you to make your character as wacky and unique as you want. The game had a series of power ups that it would start you with at the beginning of a level which made each level even hard and unique. Some of these power ups were as simple as double jump to as ridiculous as hero in a box.

Along with its story mode the game also had an arcade mode and free mode. In the arcade mode players were given a score counter and lives. As you collected the jewels (or gems) in each level you score increased getting a perfection bonus for getting all the jewels (or gems) in a level. Free mode allows you to change the settings to give you a custom level generated how you want with what you want. In free mode there is also hero factory which allows you to customize your hero and his stats and generate a level to fit said stats. The game also has local co-op and four player multiplayer.

As I played through each level of Cloudberry Kingdom I was addicted to collecting all the jewels (or gems) and getting a perfect on the level. The main usage of these jewels (or gems) is to be used in a sort of hint/cheat window that allowed you to buy a little help. There are only three of these hints/cheats, slow motion, a path through the level while you play, and you can watch an AI play the level.  Something that made the game more enjoyable to play was the sound track that it had, I often found myself speeding up with the fast paced tempo of the music. When playing levels that used gravity bob (lets you control gravity) often gave me the hardest times and when beating a level using gravity bob it gave me that warm feeling of satisfaction .

As someone who plays games like this for causal fun, this game was both fun and addicting. With its AI generating infinite levels each as different as the last this game has a good replay value seeing as no play through of this game could be the same. Both the arcade mode and free mode at to this.

Cloudberry Kingdom is an indie, platformer game developed by Pwnee Studios. The main character Bob, a retired hero, must once again rescue…

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Review Score - 8.5


Summary : This game gives a challenge that some platformers don't and its unique AI generated levels give it even more of a challenge.

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