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5 Tweaks I Want to See in Just Cause 3

Thank you Steam for your ever wonderful summer sale. It’s given me the opportunity to try a good number of titles that have come out over the past couple of years that I’ve somehow missed. One of those titles that I was able to get dirt cheap was Just Cause 2. After finishing the game I’m ready for more. If Avalanche makes these mechanical and gameplay tweaks, and Just Cause 3 is sure to be a hit.

1. Dual Hookshot

The hookshot is an awesome tool/weapon that sets Just Cause 2 apart from other games. Being able to use this awesome utensil makes traveling fun, fighting interesting, and sets the stage for funny and strategic combat. But one hookshot can only be used in so many ways. In Just Cause 3, give Rico two hookshots, and players will be able to explore a whole new realm of awesome possibilities, and not be left hanging on the underside of a helicopter or building.

2. Larger Mission Variety

The missions in Just Cause 2 are fun, but there isn’t enough variety. I loved the fact that I could expand the territories of different gangs by taking over new bases, but come on; escort missions are historically the most annoying and frustrating type of quest in a game. Spice it up a bit in Just Cause 3 with a larger variety of missions. Maybe throw in some random encounters and more fulfilling side quests and Avalanche will have their next best seller.

3. Upgraded Upgrade System

I’m a sucker for upgrade systems, and when I first started playing Just Cause 2 I was excited to start collecting upgrade materials for my weapons and vehicles. I was a little let down when I saw what those upgrade materials turned into. Instead of just improving the stats of weapons in Just Cause 3, let players customize their weapons and transportation a little more. Just Cause 3 needs some added weapon attachments, and an extended weapon arsenal variety.

4. Co-op or Multiplayer Deathmatch

After a while Just Cause 2 beings to get a little lonely. Friendly NPCs are spread out thinly, and the only time I seemed to encounter other life forms is when they were attacking me. But this could all be fixed by having a buddy tagging along to cause chaos with me. If for some reason Avalanche can’t find a way to let 2-4 players explore the world at the same time then just add a little multiplayer death match game mode. Imagine how cool it would be to see teams of people hookshoting and flying around the city fighting each other.

5. Structure / Treasurer Locator

Causing chaos, destroying Panau structures, and collecting all of the upgrades in a specific zone was one of the best parts of Just Cause 2. The only problem, especially with the big zones, was finding the last thing to destroy or collect. Sure, pointing players to all of the targets in a given zone would take out the fun of exploring the different city areas and military facilities, but pointing us to the last one or two objectives would be a huge time and patience saver.