Uncharted 4 Wishlist: What Would Make Next Gen Drake Great

What has Naughty Dog been up to recently? While half the team were working on the truly amazing new IP, The Last Of Us, the other half are working on something else entirely. On Reddit yesterday, Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley, the creative director and game director of Naughty Dog respectively, answered some questions. Alongside some very interesting questions about The Last of Us and some humorous questions as well, Naughty Dog discussed the future. Jak and Daxter was mentioned but was shot down when it was confirmed they attempted a sequel but it didn’t come to fruition for some reason. Naturally the next assumption is Uncharted 4 right? So, to enter the next generation proudly as Naughty Dog did with the first Uncharted, what could Uncharted 4 bring that would make it great?


Keep The Same Basic Formula – OK, how great was it when you finally solved the mystery of El Dorado, or got to Shangri-la in Uncharted 2? The story that Naughty Dog weaves into the Uncharted series relies heavily on well known myths, legends, and sometimes features a bit of history. These things make the games feel more interesting than a history lesson, for sure, as it is never as you expected it. If this is kept intact, the soul of the game is intact. One problem is that the devs can sometimes go too far, the first game in the series was terrifying when the supernatural elements came into the game, giving it a nice change of pace. The second game tried the same thing and built up the supernatural element very well… Only to let us down with the big reveal (Spoilers: I mean big blue guys with crossbows? I mean, COME ON), not to detract from the game as a whole, as it was one of the best this generation, only beaten in my opinion by The Last Of Us. In Uncharted 3? Well, I don’t like to talk about the third one and its ending. Make it a nice change of pace in the potential fourth game. No, I don’t necessarily mean do horror again, but surprise us in a nice way.


More Emotional Depth – I may have been slightly spoiled in how I want characters to interact after Ellie and Joel. But I don’t want THAT much, it is Uncharted after all, a fairly light hearted game most of the time, akin to Indiana Jones. But towards the end of the second game where the WAR CRIMINAL asks you to think about how he is a monster when you have killed literally hundreds of men in the span of just a few weeks, that is what makes a player think about your actions. Not that you could get away with not killing anyone, but it still makes you look back and feel something for the actions you had a hand in. That is more than can be said for many games this generation, ore obsessed with the killing and rewarding for killing only to kill some more. Make us feel Drake’s pain when he pulls a muscle or when Sully has to finally stop fighting and retire!


Less Group Members – We have, in Uncharted 3: Drake, Elena, Sully, Chloe and Cutter. So obviously, unless something has happened to them between stories, something will have to change. Chloe seems to be out of Drakes love life for good so maybe her and Cutter could bite the dust in some horribly emotional way? Elena dying would certainly give us the emotional depth that I was talking about in the paragraph above. But the most likely I think would that they just don’t show up in the game to shave a few people out of the equation. Naughty Dog must know that more is not always better and at some points in Uncharted 3 it felt a bit crowded. But if they wanted to continue down that road…


Finally Do Co-op – One of the most requested things in Uncharted, allowing two players to complete the treasure hunting missions together. This was teased when they showed Drake and Sully moving through a burning house together, taking down enemies and being all sorts of awesome… It was a trap! There was no co-op mode. So here I am, hoping that they will finally put SOME sort of mode into the game. Even a side story which explains how the characters met up would be a great addition. Finally make it happen Naughty Dog, I am begging you!

Any others that you would like to see in an Uncharted sequel? Let us know below!

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