Microsoft’s Enforcement United Beta is Going to Police the Xbox Live Community

One of the most difficult parts of playing online is actually having to deal with the online gaming community.  Sure you can play your favorite games with your friends, but having to put up with toxic online players can make the whole experience difficult and unpalatable.  The gaming community has given this group a name, “Trolls”, and no where are they more numerous than on Xbox Live.  That is why Microsoft has announced their plan to control these players and essentially cull them from the online service.

The plan is more a two-pronged system where first you have what Microsoft is calling Enforcement United, where Xbox players can sign up and report other players who are a bane on the community.  The second part of the system is called Xbox Community Level, where players can not only level up but also earn rewards by being nice people on Xbox Live.  And one way to earn points to level up is by volunteering for Enforcement United.

“We’ve heard your feedback that you want ways to positively shape your Xbox Live experience, and we feel this is a great way for you to get involved,” Xbox Live policy and enforcement director Glenn Kaleta wrote in an blog.

So here’s the basics of how this new system is going to work during the beta phase.  For now players are going to be judging their fellow Xbox Live members only on if their Gamertags are appriopriate.  The goal is to find Gamertags that do not meet community standards and somehow managed to dodge the filters that Microsoft installed.

Microsoft has ensured Xbox Live members that there will be a system of checks and balances that will make sure that if players are punished unfairly in the case of false reporting.  Though it isn’t quite clear what those will be it would be safe to assume that members of the Xbox Live team will look over any reports that players might send them.

Enforcement United is still in the beta phase and for now is only open to Xbox Live Ambassadors.  For those of you that are new to Xbox Live, Ambassadors help with customer service issues players may have in lieu of official Microsoft employees and serve as a link between the company and community.  For their work Xbox Live Ambassadors can rank up their Xbox Community Level in the new Enforcement United system when it officially rolls out.  If you want to be an Ambassador and join up with the Enforcement United beta then please sign up here.

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  1. Kieran M

    This is great news to hear! I hope good things happen as a result of this, and gaming with others on XBL won’t be a competition of who’s got the most arrogant e-penis and “your mum” jokes anymore. I imagine most of the 12-year-olds will vanish soon after this is implemented.

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