5 Female Video Game Characters That Deserve Their Own Game

We already have some good female video game characters that are main characters. With a list showing strong characters such as Samus, Lara Croft, Chell, (female) Commander Shepard, and Jade what more could you need, right?

Well turns out gamers want more strong female leads and who can blame them? When written well a female video game character can really make things interesting. For so long females in gaming tended to be over-sexualized, simple, or generic. It was rare to see a female character take center stage and be memorable and badass. Besides the obvious characters we all know and love, the list of memorable female video game characters is a short one.

Here are five female video game characters that deserve to have a leading role in their own title.


Princess Peach

Alright, alright, Peach already had her own game and it was received really well. For a while it was also hard to find. Still, was it the Peach story we really wanted? It was cool to see the roles reversed and she had to save Mario but why not keep the status quo somewhat in tact but spice it up?

How about Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser once again but this time Baby Bowser doesn’t want things to go sour once again. Baby Bowser takes Peach and throws her into a labyrinth so Mario can’t get to her. So while Mario is trying to do his normal heroics, Peach knows it’s all in vain so she takes things into her own hands.

Peach has to escape the labyrinth and meet up with Mario in time to stop the Bowser family. This could even be a dual story game where you have a full adventure as Mario trying to get through the Mushroom Kingdom and save Peach while there’s a second side to the game where you play as Peach trying to escape the labyrinth. That would make for a huge game and give Peach a good story instead of a role reversal. The ending against the Bowser family as Mario and Peach team up would also be a great experience for long time fans.




Ada Wong

With Resident Evil 6 in the books, it is hard to deny how important Ada Wong is to this franchise’s story. Ada really came into her own in Resident Evil 6 and she has really become more interesting and mysterious than ever before.

With this new focus on Ada, why not have a Resident Evil game surrounding her? We’ve had Claire and Jill in leading roles, why not the sometimes good, somethings evil Ada Wong grabbing the center stage?




Princess Zelda/Sheik

What? A Legend of Zelda game where you don’t play as Link? How’s that going to work within the timeline?

Well, there is one time where Zelda was the main protector of Hyrule and all that stood between the land and Ganondorf’s evil. Those seven long years from when Link took up the Master Sword during the Ocarina of Time to when he finally awoke and left the Chamber of Sages is important. During those year the land of Hyrule was plunged into darkness and Ganondorf reigned supreme.

We all know from playing the game that Sheik was one of the last warriors standing against the darkness but what exactly happened? How about we get the story behind Zelda’s training and transformation. How about we get to see Zelda being badass and protecting the Sage’s from darkness?





Kingdom Hearts 3 won’t be out for quite some time. Even then, the story has a lot of questions still unanswered. I’m not going to sit her and try to explain it all but I will say that one of the more interesting character is Aqua.

One of the three playable characters in Birth By Sleep, Aqua’s story was shorter than the other two but she was the glue that held everything together. She was on a secret mission and is a Keyblade Master. She’s also linked to Kairi and that link should be explored more before Kairi herself comes into her own character and becomes more than a damsel in distress.





Dragon Age: Origins had an amazingly in-depth story but one character really became a fan favorite. Morrigan and the story of her mother, powers, and departure really took fan’s imaginations. Unfortunately Bioware failed to deliver with Witch Hunt but thankfully she will be returning in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

While it’s all great and grand that Morrigan is coming back, what happened after the end of Origins? Is Witch Hunt canon? Will Bioware write off the disappointing DLC? Before the Inquisition we need to know what Morrigan has been up to and if she is a big character in the third game then perhaps we could use a game to show off what the witch has been up to.




Honorable Mentions

Miranda Lawson – I was thinking that having a game show off her struggles against Cerberus after Mass Effect 2 and what she was doing during the battle for Earth would be great.

Neith – The headstrong female from Zone of the Enders has a lot more to offer than a couple good battles and an honorable death. Neith’s rise to power would be a great game to drum up more interest in Zone of the Enders 3 and give fans something to tide them over.

Alyx Vance – After the ending of Episode 2, Alyx must have a lot of anger and want for revenge. I’d like to see her take out some aggression instead of stick by Gordon’s side.