New Tomb Raider Confirmed For Next-Gen

In a move that will likely shock nobody, Square Enix has announced that a next-gen sequel for Tomb Raider is in the works.  We were awfully high on Tomb Raider, and although it was expected, we are excited to have confirmation on a sequel.  Considering the inflated budget and disappointing sales (at least in their eyes) of the recent reboot, there was speculation that this might not happen.

So where does the series go from here?  Last year’s release featured a young Lara coming to terms with her abilities, and playing off her vulnerable side was a major facet of the game.  It stands to reason that we will see a stronger, more mature Lara.  I’d like to see a greater focus on the story and optional tombs, two parts of the game that I thought could do with a spot of improvement.  Perhaps some of the resources form the less-than-stellar multiplayer portion of the game can be reallocated, because, while not blatantly terrible, most people agree that the multiplayer didn’t add much to an already incredible game.

Details are scarce on what exactly the sequel will entail, or even what it will be called.  Could it have something to do with the Lara Croft:Reflections trademark Square Enix filed a while ago?  Or could it be completely different?  Stay tuned to Leviathyn for all the details.

WHat are your thoughts?  Are you excited about a new adventure for Lara?  What do you think it could entail?  Let us know.

Source: Square Enix