Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends Review: Startling Hidden Object Fun

Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends is the newest  hidden object game from G5 Games that’s available for the iPhone and iPad on July 31. And like most hidden object games, I find myself wandering the game’s various backgrounds, wondering what the context will be for the over 40 logic or sliding lock puzzles ahead of me, and picking up everything that isn’t nailed to the ground to help open said puzzles.

But the story and startling effects of Alchemy Mysteries did win me over quickly. The young and fully voiced Eva arrives in Prague to claim an inheritance that she didn’t know that she had. But she is quickly dragged into a plot where evil alchemists intend to sacrifice her to enslave the world. The good and evil alchemists who attempted something similar with another girl have left behind various brain-teasing puzzles to protect their secrets that Eva will have to solve to break this plot open while providing my needed context to these puzzles.

This plot involving present and ghosts of the past also provides some of the most numerous and startling moments in the game. While exploring or doing some puzzle solving, eerie apparitions tend to pop up. While I want to say that the gimmick gets old, I found myself effectively startled when exploring what should have been an asinine area. This actually encouraged me to soldier on through the story to see why they were doing such and what I would do to put them to rest. The journal that kept track of the story’s developments and the animated & voiced cut scenes helped add to the story’s atmosphere.

Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends plays like most of today’s hidden object games. Puzzles are scattered around the game’s environment and will most likely need an object hidden in another location to access them to solve. They can be challenging and they do fit with the alchemist mystique. The supernatural alchemist element does present a few interesting puzzles like using a magical lamp to find hidden symbols. I like the map that allows for fast travelling to puzzles while letting me keep track of the puzzles I already solved. Occasional key hidden objects are hidden within mandatory hidden object mini-games where I have to find the key item as well as a bunch of ancillary items (some of which need to be combined with inventory items before finding them), which does break the flow of my usual puzzle solving. But these sequences are rare and are quick to solve.

So with plenty of puzzles set in context to an interesting story that startles me well, Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends is entertaining and kills a few good hours. Definitely worth checking out.

With a map to fast travel to puzzles, journal chronicling my story, and some hidden object puzzles with a supernatural context, Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends entertains even if it has the familiar hidden object game elements.

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Review Score - 7


Summary : A typical hidden object game livened up with an interesting story presented well and with startling effects.

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