Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition: More Skin Packs On the Way

Despite having an additional price tag, there is some allure to the additional skin packs Mojang Studios often releases for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition.  As chaotic as the changing landscape is (largely due to creeper explosions), and the fact that multiplayer Steve avatars are assigned by controller number, it is nice to have a character that in some way screams you.  Perhaps the creeper skin wasn’t your thing.  Maybe running around as Master Chief, Ezio, or Altair clashed with your fashion sense.  Lacking a sci-fi touch in your Minecraft map?  The latest skin pack is right up your alley.


Mojang is releasing another skin pack, due to come out later this week in North America. Gear up fans of space shooters, titled Skin Pack 5, this pack brings more characters over from the Borderlands franchise: Axton, Maya, Salvador, Handsome Jack, and Roland.  The pack will also introduce  us to the blocky counterparts of the Dead Space 3 cast.  Grab avatars for Isaac, Ellie, Carver, the Puker Necromorph, and the remaining Borderlands crew later this week.

One of the bigger concerns has been about the release date for Title Update 12.   Title Update 12, or TU12 will bring us ocelots, cats, and Iron Golems, along with new AI for the hostile mobs.

Maybe the current survival mode isn’t enough for you.  Title Update 12 will be sure to change that as well: zombies will be able to raid at nights.  Still not intrigued? They’ll be able to break down doors.  Sound daunting? Not to worry: this boost in enemy difficulty only happens on hard and hardcore difficulties, and there is still the option to keep the game on peaceful.

Sadly, this release holds no relation to the release of TU12.  The skin pack will only offer a cosmetic upgrade.  Yet, not all hope is lost.  From the perspective of an optimist, this bit of content simply gets us just a little bit closer to TU12.  Hopefully this update will be out by the time Minecraft: Xbox One Edition becomes available.  Until then, continue to fashion a home out of diamonds, gold, or whatever lavish resource to your heart’s content.