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Party Chat Free on PlayStation 4, Friends List Cap Raised To 2,000

One of the biggest shortcoming of the PS3 is the lack of a party chat system similar to the popular one on the Xbox 360. Luckily, Sony has realized this and are adding full party chat support to the PlayStation 4, as revealed in a PlayStation Access video earlier today. Friends lists of this generation have had unusually small limits, and the PlayStation 4 is changing this from the PS3 as well by raising the cap to 2,000. This is double the limit that the Xbox One will feature, although even the Xbox One’s limit of 1,000 friends seems like a lot. I know that I personally will most likely never even exceed the old limit that was in place, although allowing for more friends is never a bad thing.

Something worth noting is the lack of a traditional headset being included with the Xbox One. Of course, the console will come packaged with Kinect 2.0 which also functions as a microphone, although in my experience with the first Kinect, sounds from all around you manage to make it into your interactions, which leads to frustration more times than not. Hopefully the Kinect 2.0 can filter out sound better than its predecessor in order to better function as a microphone. What strikes me as the most odd, however, is that Microsoft was ahead last generation when they included a headset with every Xbox 360 while Sony did not include anyway of communicating with other PS3 players until later. However, it seems like this generation is almost seeing a complete reversal, with Sony including a simple headset with every PS4, while Microsoft is not. Although headsets will be available at launch, I feel it would have been more convenient for Microsoft to simply include one.

The PlayStation Access video also answers several other smaller questions such as what colors the PS4 will be available in at launch (jet black), if players will have to pay to play online (yes, but not for services like Netflix, party chat, or free-to-play games), and if the PS4 supports Dualshock 3 (no, but it does support PlayStation Move), among many others. Feel free to check out the video for yourself below to see the rest of the answered questions.