Internet Drama Leads to Fez II Being Cancelled

A tweet from Fez developer Polytron has stated that Fez II has been cancelled.

Polytron’s official website also confirms the cancellation of Fez II.  The message on the Polytron’s website says, “Fez II is cancelled.  I am done.  I take the money and I run.  This is as much as I can stomach.  This isn’t the result of any one thing, but the end of a long, bloody campaign.  You win.”  Phil Fish’s personal Twitter account has since been locked.

Apparently this was the result of a Internet argument that went on for too long.  When news broke out that Microsoft was going to allow independent developers to self-publish, many gaming outlets asked prominent indie developers Jonathan Blow and Phil Fish for comments on this story.  Both Blow and Fish took to Twitter to air their frustrations about how game journalists are only trying to grab comments and headlines over a rumor that potentially may be untrue.

In retaliation to this retaliation, Marcus Beer (aka Annoyed Gamer) publicly called out both Jonathan Blow and Phil Fish on GameTrailer’s latest video podcast Invisible Walls.  He says both Blow and Fish (whom he refers to as Blowfish) need to realize that they are the most recognizable figures in the indie scene, and that gaming websites will want to know the opinions of the most prominent developers.  Beer says that the relationship between the press and the developers is a symbiotic one, where journalists ask developers for thoughts and opinions, while the developers ask the journalists to cover their game.

And in retaliation to the retaliation of the first retaliation, Fish got so upset that he decided the best course of action was to cancel Fez II.

Phil Fish in Indie Game: The Movie.

Phil Fish in Indie Game: The Movie.

Of course, throughout this entire ordeal, there was no short of obscene name calling and petty Internet threats that we’ve all unfortunately become accustomed to.  Fish criticized game journalists for asking for his opinion, Beer called the Blowfish tosspots (no idea what this is) and indie hipsters, and then finally Fish told Beer to kill himself (although apparently he was just quoting Futurama).  Internet stupidity at its finest.

Fish has prior history of saying inflammatory things on Twitter, and this entire situation has magnified that tenfold.  Fish constantly mentions how he gets ludicrous amounts of vitriol on Twitter, and it’s obvious he can’t stomach all the Internet hate that gets thrown his way.  Blow was obviously a lot more tempered about the whole thing, and manage to avoid using curse words and threats to try to get his point across.

So what’s the end result?  Everyone comes across looking extremely childish, and a potentially cool game possibly gets cancelled.  Now, there’s a large chance that this is just Phil Fish being Phil Fish and ended up doing a rash thing that stemmed from an Internet argument going too far.  I really wouldn’t be surprised if Fez II ends up coming back after his temper has simmered down.  But there’s no doubting that this entire situation has been stupid from top to bottom.


First of all, if a gaming website asks for your opinion, it’s okay to reply with “no comment” and move forward.  If you think that gaming journalism needs to improve, offer constructive criticism that can be helpful instead of lacing your Twitter comments with sarcasm and venom.

Secondly, if a indie developer calls you out on your profession, there’s no need to go on a video podcast and label them as tosspots that bitch and moan.  Again, getting your point across in a more friendly way will bring about much more change in the industry than cursing up a storm.  I get that your persona is the “Annoyed Gamer,” but if indie developers are all questioning your methods, maybe there’s a hint of truth in their criticisms.  Trying to only grab inflammatory comments and headlines that will act as click bait is not professional journalism.

Thirdly, if someone does call you names and curses at you, then the best option would be to tell him to kill himself right?  Really, aren’t we all adults here?  I’m sure the amount of hate and hostility that Phil Fish has received over Twitter is unimaginable, but he needs to realize that it will never stop if he continues to curse and make threats towards people.  And if Fish’s though process is something like, “Why should I stop cursing at others if they keep cursing at me?” then this loop will never stop and will continue for eternity.  The best way to try to change the industry is to try to change yourself.

And lastly, I’m sure the solution to all of this is to cancel Fez II.  You sure showed them!

What an unbelievably idiotic turn of events.