Command & Conquer Memories

Today and yesterday and hopefully tomorrow the entire Command & Conquer series is on sale on the lovable Steam platform. I’ve taken the opportunity to go back and reminisce on some of my favorite memories with the series.

Some like StarCraft, others C&C. I remember my first encounter with the series on one fateful night at a gaming cafe. (not an Internet one, a gaming one)


The experience was a magical one, harvesting precious tiberium and then using that to build huge monolith buildings to crush my enemies never gets old. Especially when those enemies are in the same room as you, it really adds a lot when you can see the look on your friends face as you crush him with your Zod (FOR ZOD!) army.

Mostly, Command & Conquer is a resource based, base-building isometric tactical game. That sounds like a lot of words, and it is. If you like Minecraft or tower defense games C&C isn’t too far from a stretch. Your main resource as we’ve already said is the highly toxic tiberium that if touched by regular humans will kill them.

This is of course the Tiberium series of C&C which I am most familiar with. Another branch on the series is the wacky (see: Dolphins with laser beam guns on their heads) version and alternate universe spin on the 1950’s.


The evolution of Command and Conquer itself has been quite vast. A video game series that started in the mid 90’s and is still around today is a feat in and of itself. Let alone for the newer games to still hold and shining mantle to the old ones. Command and Conquer 4: Tiberium Twilight has been the latest release and does away with base construction for a more action-oriented pace.

Personally though, I prefer the third in the Tiberium series even though it hardly breaks new ground, it’s still damn fun. Nod, Scrin and GDI all have unique abilities and units that make competing and playing as either of the three fun and interesting. It doesn’t get old to build up and conquer bases, defend against attacks with stealth technology and research nuclear fusion that can bomb cities to smithereens.

The single player in C&C is usually a bore though. Most of the main missions just feel like preamble to the popular multiplayer that keeps gamers coming back. i don’t really have a problem with it, but do feel that some of the newer games should make the single player campaign just as entertaining if not more so that multiplayer. All the needless objectives feel a little pointless in the grand scheme of things.

Though the extremely campy and poorly acted live-action cut scenes are utterly and infallibly hilarious.